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Managing-Menu-Needs-in-SY2020-21 This month, SNA published Managing Menu Needs in SY2020-21, Your K-12 School Nutrition Buyer's Guide, Strategy & Solution Resource. This exclusive SNA member benefit was mailed to all directors and managers, as well as state agency and industry representatives. As plans for school reopenings are announced, revised and revised again, school nutrition professionals have been asked to repeatedly adjust their foodservice models so that school meals can continue to serve as a critical hunger safety net for children in food-insecure households, as well as a vital resource for the health, well-being and achievement of all students in the community. What you plan today is certain to evolve—a number of times—throughout the fall, winter and spring. This tool is intended as a desk resource for them to reference frequently throughout the year ahead. 

The publication is designed to help school nutrition directors, chefs, supervisors and site managers face this year’s unique challenges related to serving tasty, nutritious school meals to students whether they are learning at home or in school buildings. The content is a hybrid, bringing together a number of articles in the style of School Nutrition magazine, the Buyer’s Guide listings and product category index found in each Annual National Conference Program Guide and an interactive “workbook” of prompts for school nutrition professionals to use to collect ideas and brainstorm solutions.

The four feature articles look at how you will create and implement your menu mix through a few different lenses:

  • Procurement
  • Providing fresh-prepared entrees and sides
  • The tools that are essential to help you prep, move, serve and support meals
  • The importance of planning ahead for inevitable changes

SNA invited its Patrons, corporate members and consultant members to take advantage of a free listing opportunity to appear in our directory of companies serving the K-12 school nutrition market. The directory listings are arranged alphabetically and feature a short description of product offerings, a website URL and contact information. The companies are also arranged by Product Category, to help users find the vendors that have solutions in specific areas, from Dairy to Technology. 

The “My DIY Survival Guide” section rounds out the publication and is designed to make Managing Menu Needs a singular tool for each individual. The fresh ideas, cool inspiration, helpful advice, timely reminders and oddball tips that will populate this section are intended to be written, recorded and compiled by readers, using prompts to capture sources of inspiration, light-bulb moments, what-if ideas and much more.

A digital version of Managing Menu Needs, featuring live links to the companies listed in the Buyer's Guide can be found here.

The COVID-19 pandemic has inspired SNA’s development of several new initiatives, educational offerings and publications. Some may become tools that outlive the virus and are updated and renewed year after year. User feedback will help determine if this resource becomes an annual publication.

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