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Governance Update imageIn July, during SNA’s first ever virtual Delegate Assembly, the Association’s House of Delegates approved eight amendments to the Bylaws and Articles of Incorporation to adjust several facets of the Association’s governance structure. The amendments include:

  • Articles of Incorporation – Update the headquarters location to Arlington, VA
  • Bylaws
  • Article III. Officers, Section 2A and Article IV, Board of Directors, Section 4A – Changes the eligibility requirements for officers to require candidates for Vice President and Secretary/Treasurer to have at least two year’s prior SNA board experience. The second part of the proposal changes the eligibility requirements for board of directors candidates by requiring candidates for the SNA board of directors to have served at least two years on a state board of directors or on an SNA committee or task force.
  • Article III. Officers, Section 5C and 5D – Defines process for filling a vacancy in the Secretary/Treasurer position to match how other Board vacancies are filled.
  • Article V. Delegate Assembly, Section 1A – Adds in the strategic committee chairs which were inadvertently removed as Delegate Assembly members during the board realignment project in 2015.
  • Article V. Delegate Assembly, Section 2A - Defines child nutrition as child nutrition programs and profession as the school nutrition profession. It also simplifies the description of the Delegate Assembly’s purpose and removes references to standing rules which no longer exist.
  • Article VI, Sections – Moves all the membership section information in Article VI to Article I Membership so all information pertaining to SNA membership is in one area of the bylaws.
  • Article I. Membership, Sections 1A and 1C – Changes the eligible fields for school nutrition members to include only those where school nutrition employees, managers, supervisors/directors and specialists, and educators are directly involved in serving, managing, administering, and teaching school nutrition programs. It moves persons engaged in community nutrition programs, and persons employed by the association or a state affiliate to the associate member category because these fields are not the primary members of the association who are directly involved in preparing and serving meals. As a result, these two fields should not be eligible to vote in the annual election which is the case for all the others listed in the other associate member categories.
  • Article VII. Committees & Councils, New Section 3 – Adds language to define how a vacancy on the Leadership Development Committee is addressed.

To review the updated Bylaws and Articles of Incorporation, visit the Vision & Mission page on the SNA website. 

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