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What is mise en place? When should you use a scale, measuring cup or spoodle? Why does it matter? How do you calibrate different types of kitchen thermometers, and why is it important?

SNA Culinary Skills training

Any way you dice it, this is critical training! SNA’s Culinary Skills video tutorials are designed to make learning fun and help you retain what you have learned. In just one hour, you can learn the same essential skills from SNA’s Chefs Task Force that were presented live at #ANC19:

  • Knife Skills for Fresh Fruits and Vegetables—Chef Brenda Wattles, RDN, will teach you:
    • The top four knife safety tips
    • Three types of dicing
    • What mise en place is and why is it an important part of knife skills
  • Understanding Weights and Measures—Chef Cyndie Story, PhD, RDN, CC, SNS, will teach you how to:
    • Determine when to use scale versus a measuring cup and why it is important to know the difference.
    • Identify the difference between weight and volume measuring.
    • Describe the importance of accurately measuring ingredients.
    • Calculate the amount of servings in a container by measuring the weight.
  • Calibrating and Using Thermometers—Chef Sharon Schaefer, SNS, will teach you how to:
    • Regularly calibrate thermometers to ensure that readings are accurate and reliable.
    • Identify different kitchen thermometers, their appropriate uses and the benefits of each
    • Describe the importance of maintaining and calibrating kitchen thermometers.
    • Explain the different thermometer calibration methods.

Even better, District Packages are available at discount prices to train your entire kitchen staff! Once completed, you will have earned one CEU, but most importantly, you have either learned a new skill or brushed up on a skill!

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