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The following is the second in a series of three news stories highlighting SNA’s Awards Program.

SNA's Manager of the Year Award

Have you ever thought about nominating your colleagues, friends, peers or supervisors for the 2019 SNA Awards? Just think of the excitement and pride you could be responsible for bringing to your district!

In this web story, Jerrilyn Hernandez (2018 Manager of the Year) shares what her award has meant to her. Stay tuned for inspiring commentary from Connie Little, SNS (2018 Director of the Year) when she shares her own SNA Awards web story. And make sure to read the enthusiasm that shines through from Debra “Kay” Flint (2018 Employee of the Year), installation number one in our SNA Awards testimonial series.

Jerrilyn Hernandez, Orofino Junior-Senior High School, Idaho.

Jerrilyn Hernandez, SNA's Manager of the Year Award

Winning the award was a very humbling experience. I was so excited and somewhat overwhelmed.

I have always been proud of my work and the things that we accomplish in our district, but winning the award has seemed to give me more confidence in the choices I make. I have now given even more thought of what else we can do to improve on the things we are already doing.

I would strongly encourage others to submit nominations for any of the awards. You cannot imagine how big of a boost in confidence and what a great feeling it is to know that you are appreciated for a job that you do every day. I’m a Kitchen Manager and I love my job, but as everyone knows some days are full of hard decisions and a sense of not being valued. Being nominated made me realize that my director and others do realize all the hard work kitchen staff do on a daily basis for the pure love of serving the students.

This experience made me realize that what I do makes a difference in students’ lives. It also made me stop and realize how much my team plays a part in what I do every day at work; if it wasn’t for them, I could not have done the things I did. I don’t feel the award was mine alone: it belongs to my whole team. I care for and appreciate every one of them.

Submissions are due online by March 1, 2019; however, the deadline is different for a few select states. (Be sure to check out the exceptions.) For a complete list of rules, entry forms and answers to all of your questions, be sure to check out the SNA Member Awards page.

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