Read the September 2017 Issue of School Nutrition Magazine


Read SNA's September 2017 Issue of School Nutrition Magazine

There’s no need to sing for your supper with the September 2017 issue of School Nutrition! Chow down on the benefits and nuances of adding Snack & Suppers to your operation’s offerings. Feast your eyes on the #ANC17 Recap as we take you through red-hot topics and ultra-cool connections from July’s Annual National Conference. Need a snack of your own? Onsite Insights, especially for school nutrition managers, assistance managers and employees, breaks down the integration of workplace efficiency into bite-size pieces.

  • Snacks & Suppers Why, exactly, should you include afterschool snacks and suppers in your meal programs? SNis here to clue you in.
  • Opening Up the Umbrella Read here for a far-reaching approach to afterschool meals with full coverage and wide-spread results.
  • Class NOT Dismissed Tackle hunger after the bell by mirroring your Breakfast in the Classroom delivery model—but with supper, instead!
  • Get With the Program Don’t be left out of these new chances to feed hungry students. Check out these super partners for suppers and snacks.
  • Guardians of the Anatomy Hunger is not a game for these superhuman heroes. Catch all the action of School Lunch Hero Day 2017 within the pages of this awesome pictorial.
  • A-N-C was H-O-T in the A-T-L Nothing and no one was temperate or lukewarm at ANC’s 71st Annual National Conference; from hot temperatures to even hotter successes, take a look at the hottest event in school nutrition. 
  • Coleslaw: Go Classic or Go Creative A good slaw might sound simple, but this all-American dish has more to it than meets your eye—or your taste buds!

Bonus Web Content: How do you keep a slaw from being too gloppy or soggy? SN has the answer for perfectly crisp veggies, every time.  

Bonus Web Content: Still focused on slaw? These three extra recipes will sate your search and, more importantly, your students’ stomachs!

Also in this issue:
In our June/July issue, we asked you to find Ruby—and what a wonderful group of high-minded sleuths you turned out to be! Head to see Who Found Ruby? and find your name among the 25 lucky prize-winners. Beth Mincemoyer Egan’s My Leadership Journey is sure to inspire the leader, goal-setter and achiever within. This month’s To Your Credit article takes you somewhere over the rainbow to discover the value of those colorless fruits and veggies (make sure to take the quiz for the opportunity to earn 1 CEU!).

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