Roundtable Sessions

We hear you! Sometimes, the best type of learning takes place in more informal conversations. New for #ANC2020 are opportunities to participate in roundtable discussions on hot topics led by the experts. You’ll enjoying learning while networking with your peers from across the country in a more informal environment with NO POWERPOINT presentations.

Diversity and Inclusion: How to Put Ideas into Practice
Facilitator(s): Lori Adkins, SNS; Vanessa Hayes, SNS
A major theme at this year’s ANC is diversity and inclusion (D&I), and how it can translate into any workplace or organization. With a more diverse and inclusive workspace, there is increased innovation, improved decision-making skills, greater employee engagement and many more positive results. To help boost D&I, you’ll brainstorm solutions with your peers on how to expand inclusivity in your district, organization and the Association.

The Great USDA Foods Recipe Swap
Facilitator(s): USDA Representatives
Maximize your USDA Foods and get creative with your recipes to create appealing and innovative menu items. Join the USDA team to learn current USDA Foods trends and swap unique recipes with your peers.

Know Your Spice Challenge
Facilitator(s): Mark Augustine; Stacy Koppen, MS, RD, SNS; Sara Parthasarathy
Global and ethnic foods are one of the leading trends in recent years, but with so many complex spices, where do you begin? In this interactive session, discover various new spices and flavors through a unique approach that will challenge your senses! Learn about new flavor profiles, what makes these spices interesting and how to use ethnic seasonings to diversify your menus.

Meeting Clean Food Demands...How Can You Decide on Items to Include in Your Program?
Facilitator(s): Jill Camber Davidson, RD
Parents, students and school staff are asking for healthier ("clean") foods as part of school meals. But what exactly are “clean” foods? How do you determine if a food item is "clean" or not, and how do you attempt to meet the demand for this trend? This session will allow participants to work through the process to identify the criteria and vet "clean" and healthy food choices for possible inclusion in school meal programs.

The Role of the Central Kitchen Model in Major City DistrictsFacilitator(s): Grace Liss, SNS
For major city districts, the central kitchen model is both beneficial and challenging. In this roundtable session, you’ll sit down with peers from large districts to discuss the merits and demands—labor, equipment, menus, size, growth potential, recipe development and so much more.

SNA Research Agenda: A Roundtable—College Section Meeting
Join members of SNA’s Nutrition and Research Committee to learn more about the Association’s research agenda, how you can get involved and share any related research.

What Should You Do? Ethical Dilemmas at Work
Facilitator(s): Kathy Burrill, SNS; Timikel Sharpe, MS
Back by popular demand, this session will help you find the ethical decision in certain sticky situations. Inspired by SNA’s popular ethics training program, “ What Should You Do? Ethical Decision-Making in School Nutrition,” topics will include an ethics overview, ethical dilemmas and then take a deeper dive into school nutrition case studies based on real-life scenarios. Don’t miss this opportunity to hone your ethical decision-making skills while engaging in interactive and fun discussions with your peers. Want to brush up on ethics? Try SNA’s basic online ethics course before arriving at ANC!

Whining & Dining: How to Soothe Over Complaints
Facilitator(s): Hollie Best; Beverly Glaze, SNS
The key to a successful program is being able to assess and address school foodservice complaints. Because regrettably, no matter how hard you try to make the school nutrition experience spectacular—there will always be some criticism. Be equipped for any objections by joining this interactive session. It will provide you with the tools for effective customer service as well as engaging first-hand insights to inspire you to turn "whining" about school nutrition into a positive "dining" experience.

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