Ideas@Work Sessions

Ideas@Work sessions at #ANC2020

These popular 30-minute, fast-paced learning sessions are focused on singular innovations. Trace the path of a big idea from concept to implementation, identifying the steps that will put that idea to work in your operation. Sessions are repeated so attendees can benefit from two different Ideas@Work sessions during the conference.
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Monday, July 13, 8:00 am–8:30 am
Monday, July 13, 8:45 am–9:15 am

Bento Boxes Build Participation
Speakers(s): Jean Ronnei, SNS
Compartmentalized meal boxes, also known as bento boxes, are popular offerings at many places that kids frequent; including convenience stores, coffee shops and airports. These cold grab ‘n’ go meals can increase participation and address the needs of even your fussiest customers! See examples from districts around the country, get recipes and gather ideas for containers and labeling.

Breaking Barriers with Parents and School Communities
Speakers(s): Sarah Kinney, SNS
We all know that school meal programs need the support of the entire school community to succeed—this includes parents and guardians. And if school nutrition programs receive negative feedback, it’s often the result of misunderstandings, which can be avoided through building strong community relations. Learn how to connect, build trust and create a community that is engaged and supportive of your school nutrition program.

Interactive Wellness Fair Stations
Speakers(s): Karen Olsen, RDN, LD, SNS
Tired of standing at a Back to School Night or wellness fair just handing out pamphlets? Learn innovative ideas through examples that will infuse your table with fun (and foot traffic!) allowing you to promote your program and promote nutrition education. Once the creative juices are flowing, attendees will share ideas or stations they have used successfully at their events.

Keep on Truckin’ With Summer Meals
Speakers(s): Debbi Beauvais, RD, SNS
Wondering how you can get summer meals easily distributed to those non-traditional feeding sites in your community? Are you a small district with limited resources available to you, or are from a bigger district in need of fresh delivery ideas? A “mobile meal bus” could be the answer to drive summer meal participation. In this session, you’ll learn how a small district of under 4,000 students converted an old bus into a mobile meals initiative, and how you can relate this idea to your district’s objectives.

Make Your Food Photos Fantastic!
Speakers(s): Chris Burkhardt, SNS
You know how to take a photo, but do you know how to take the perfect food photo? Beautiful food photography can boost your department’s social media presence, promotional materials and employee trainings. Learn about the right equipment for the job—smartphones, point-and-shoot cameras or a digital single-lens reflex camera—and glean tips and tricks that will make your photos worthy of any magazine page.

Recruiting, Hiring, and Retention: How to Find the Right Employees to Grow Your Team
Speakers(s): Courtney Morabito, MBA, DTR, SNS
No operation can run efficiently without being properly staffed. Learn tactics for recruiting quality candidates, screening for the best fit and developing them for long-term success. Additionally, factors will be identified that may be hindering your ability to hire and retain staff, and you’ll gain a proactive approach to resolve these issues. Key takeaways include detailing job descriptions, marketing your vacancies and drafting goals for on-boarding. Sample documents will be shared.

Social Media Master Class
Speakers(s): Brook Thomas
Let’s get social! Discover how you can harness the power of social media to communicate with key stakeholders and influence the positive perception of your cafeteria. Social media provides an interactive and direct avenue for telling your story, communicating menu schedules, cultivating feedback, showcasing the exciting activities happening in your cafeteria and so much more. You’ll walk away from this session with tips, tricks and inspiration that will help you create an exciting social media brand for your foodservice operation.

Will One of Your Students Be the Next Top Junior Chef?
Speakers(s): Tracey Bates
Participation in a junior chef competition offers an unprecedented opportunity to translate skills acquired in the classroom to real-world kitchens--where developed recipes can be featured on future school menus. In this way, a junior chef competition fulfills the goals of inspiring the next generation of culinary professionals, stimulating interest in locally produced agriculture, increasing participation in school nutrition programs, providing nutrition education and encouraging healthy eating habits. Want your students to be a part of this exciting opportunity? Come to this session to learn best practices for implementation and hear student participation success stories.

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