Game Changer Sessions

Introducing Game Changer Sessions! Somewhere between a general session and an education session, these exciting sessions will have the intimacy and information of an education session, but can accommodate larger audiences, enabling more interaction and learning.

ANC 2020 Speaker Nika WhiteYes, And…Improving Leadership and Communication Through Improv
Speaker(s): Jon Colby
The basic rules of improv deal with finding agreement, listening, leading by empowering others and making and celebrating those choices—all while thinking quickly. These same attributes can be applied to the workplace. Jon Colby’s improv and quick thinking session will help you improve networking skills, build stronger leaders, foster creativity and encourage employees and clients to feel more valued. This interactive session will give you an entertaining opportunity to grow in a safe environment and walk away with valuable skills that can be put to use immediately.

ANC 2020 Speaker Nika WhiteThe Intentional Inclusionist: A Practical Approach to Diversity & Inclusion
Speaker(s): Dr. Nika White
Many people see Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) as the work of the people who carry the “title”—when in reality it is a leadership competency. When D&I is viewed in the light of leadership competency, it tends to take on a different meaning and shift people toward more intention in the methods they use to identify opportunities to help foster inclusivity. Join diversity and inclusion expert, Dr. Nika White, to learn practical steps you can take to become a more inclusive leader and develop a more successful team.

ANC 2020 Speaker Sharroky HollieSix Ways to Know If You Are Culturally and Linguistically Responsive
Speaker(s): Dr. Sharroky Hollie
There is a buzzword phrase floating around the K-12 sector—being “culturally and linguistically responsive.” This teaching principle focuses on the importance of including a student’s cultural references in all aspects of learning—and benefits all students including many students who have been traditionally underserved in schools. With so much recent focus on diversity, inclusion and equity and how implementation of the three can help students be academically successful, are you embracing these concepts in your workplace? In this thought-provoking session, Dr. Sharroky Hollie will help you understand if you are truly culturally and linguistically responsive in your mindset and skillset.

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