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Wondering what to expect at ANC? Be sure to attend the two Saturday pre-conference workshops especially for state agencies and the state agency section meeting on Monday from 12:00-2:00 pm.

Be sure to also check out SNA’s new fast-paced 30-minute Ideas@Work sessions focused on singular innovations.

Additionally, SNA’s State Agency Advisory Council handpicked the following educational opportunities with relevance for State Agencies.

A Director's Guide to S.L.A.Y. The Administrative Review
Speakers: Audrey Hamilton; Kokeeta Wilder; Alyssia Wright, EdS
Back by popular demand from #ANC18! Does the thought of an Administrative Review frighten you? Hear from school nutrition directors who have created the “Successful, Logical, Accurate, Yielding positive results” method (SLAY) to achieve successful Administrative Reviews. In this session you will be provided a standard blueprint that can be followed for preparation, organization and training.

Advancing Farm to School with Local School Wellness Policies
Speakers: USDA Representatives
Explore examples of how school wellness policies have incorporated farm to school activities, including local food procurement, school gardens, and nutrition education. Bring back concrete examples of how to leverage wellness policies to strengthen farm to school initiatives in your district.

At Risk-Afterschool Meals: Rebranding Supper as a “Super Snack”
Speakers: Brian Wieher, SNS; Melissa Weissler
Did you know that a five component super-snack with the same nutritional requirements as a traditional hot meal served at supper reduces plate waste and encourages full-consumption of the meal? Discover how rebranding into this super-snack model increases participation, meets CACFP requirements and the needs of providers unable to prepare traditional hot dinner foods.

Become a Recall Rock Star!
Speakers: USDA Representatives
Recalls unfold quickly and require rapid communication and action to prevent illness or injury to students and staff. To complicate matters, each recall is different. Food safety experts from USDA will discuss the steps that outline the USDA response to a recall involving USDA Foods, as an example. Real-life scenarios will be presented and discussed to untangle the recall process.

Buy American Compliance - You Can Do It!
Speakers: USDA Representatives
Struggling to obtain food components that meet the Buy American provision? Join the USDA team to find out about the foods from various States to consider when developing food solicitations, whether food is purchased through a food distributor, food service management company, or when processing USDA Foods.

Buying Local Food on a Budget - Getting the Most Bang for your Buck
Speakers: USDA Representatives
It's an unfortunate reality that local food can sometimes cost more than conventional food. Explore the practical ways in which schools are finding smart, creative solutions to sourcing local fare on tight budgets. Get ready to reimagine farm to school as a series of smart community investments with measurable returns, rather than “out of reach” for school meal programs.

By the Numbers: Improve Your Program with USDA Research
Speakers: USDA Representatives
Think research is all theoretical? Not when you can use it to discover practical solutions for your school meals program! Join the USDA team as they translate key findings from the new School Nutrition and Meal Cost Study into insightful factors that influence plate waste, cost, participation and customer satisfaction.

Controlling Critical Quality Check Points in Your Procurement
Speaker: Malik Hamilton
How is your procurement process being monitored and controlled after the menus are written, the commodities are diverted and the orders to the distributor are made? By organizing, planning and implementing a simple quality control plan, learn how your district can be more efficient in its procurement, save money, and stay out of the media headlines!

Emergencies: Are You Ready for the What If?
Speaker: Brian Moore
When school violence makes headlines, do you ever wonder how you would respond if it happened in your community? Do you have a plan? Does everyone on the team know it and what they should do? Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from a school safety expert as he discusses emergency preparedness and how to respond in the event of the unthinkable.

Employee Safety: Risk Management is a Win-Win
Speaker: Diane Schweitzer, PhD
There are countless opportunities for improving the safety of employees in the kitchen including safer equipment use, kitchen design improvements and easily sourced tools that can reduce the risk of injury. Discover win-win strategies to keeping employees safe from harm while controlling or mitigating the cost of worker compensation claims.

Food Mashups & Instagrammable Foods: Creative ideas to grow participation!
Speakers: Meghan Martinson, RD; Michael Craig
As the largest generation of foodies, today’s students love Instagrammable foods and unique dining experiences. Hear how one school district implemented a revolutionary food fusion process in their meal planning and drove participation. What started as a "spaghetti taco" experiment has evolved to Asian Spaghetti, Banh Mi Hot Dogs, Garlic Bread Grilled Cheese and more!

The Gif That Keeps on Giving: A Crash Course on Free Digital Marketing Tools
Speaker: Cheyenne Meyer
Canva, iMovie and Giphy...oh my! This session presents a deep dive into a few tech tools that will help school nutrition professionals better market their programs. Bring your laptop, tablet or smartphone and learn how to edit photos and use free graphic design software to make videos, gifs, memes and more.

Leading the Way to Grow Breakfast Participation
Speakers: Cheryl Johnson, MS, RD, LD; Cindy Jones
What can you do to lead the way for more students to have access to school breakfast and start the day ready to learn? Implementing innovative breakfast delivery models moves breakfast out of the cafeteria, makes it a part of the school day and are proven to increase participation. Join us to decrease roadblocks and gain support from key stakeholders in schools.

Let's Get Ready: How to Prepare for Procurement Reviews
Speakers: USDA Representatives
Complying with procurement regulations is critical to the success of your administrative review or procurement review. This session will identify the most common areas of non-compliance State agencies identify with Federal procurement standards and discuss actions you can take now to ensure your procurement processes are ready for a procurement review anytime during the school year.

Leverage the Buying Power of a Co-op for Cleaner labels and Healthier Items
Speakers: Amy Chappell; Jill Camber, RD; Karen Fochs; Kymm Mutch, MS, RDN
How do you incorporate more whole foods and clean labels into your menu? Cooperative purchasing can be the solution when the co-op members agree to focus their purchasing on fewer items, and then work to get the pricing that comes with volume purchasing. How do you “herd the cats” to make those focused purchasing decisions? Hear the experiences of two school nutrition purchasing cooperatives working toward a good food strategy and use their experience to transform your buying group.

Making Sense of Community Eligibility Provision (CEP)
Speakers: USDA Representatives
Join representatives from USDA, fellow state administrators and local agency operators to get the facts on the Community Eligibility Provision (CEP). In this interactive session, participants will learn how to determine the financial viability of the provision, how it may reduce administrative burdens and unpaid meal charges and increase participation.

Master the Disaster: Work with USDA to Support Survivors in Your Community
Speakers: USDA & State Agency Representatives
Are you ready if a natural or man-made disaster hits your district? This session will highlight USDA resources available to assist child nutrition program operators during and following disasters, provide information on developing a disaster response plan and explain how USDA, State agencies and program operators work together during disasters to help support affected schools, school districts and communities.

Perfecting Pop-Up Concepts: Using Simple Carts and Kiosks to Engage Students in School Meals
Speakers: Dayle Hayes, MS, RD; April Liles, RD, SNS
Learn what to consider to successfully plan, implement and evaluate pop-up concepts in school nutrition programs. Topics covered include menu planning, expanding breakfast programs, food trucks, online ordering and equipment.

Pioneering Family Style Service
Speakers: Kory Keimig; Valarie Meinen
With communal dishes at the center of the table, learn the benefits of family style meal service and how one district was able to make the operation a success.

Preschool Meal Pattern - Now what?
Speakers: USDA Representatives
This session aims to increase participants’ effectiveness in utilizing the preschool meal pattern and will also serve as an opportunity for participants to ask any questions about the updated meal pattern. Join a panel of USDA and state agency experts as they discuss best practices, lessons learned and available resources related to the preschool meal pattern.

Romaine Calm: How to Handle a Food Recall
Speaker: Cynthia Johnson
The speed of responding to a food recall plays an important part in keeping student customers safe. Discover how the food recall notification process works and the critical activities that need to be performed when a recall is issued.

Staffing Woes: Labor Shortages & Under-skilled Employees?
Speaker: Jean Ronnei, SNS
Unfortunately, most districts are facing labor shortages, and not enough employees can create stress on the team and may lead to morale issues. In addition, food quality and customer service may suffer. Discover strategies to maximize labor while minimizing stress on your cafeteria staff. This session will have you looking at menus, purchasing and production schedules to balance the work load.

That Was Easy! Simplifying Child Nutrition Programs
Speakers: USDA Representatives
Wish you had one of those “easy” buttons to make your child nutrition programs run more efficiently? Come learn about USDA initiatives that aim to simplify operations and make it easier for you to feed kids. This session will cover flexibilities for meal pattern requirements, tools for operating multiple child nutrition programs more efficiently and an opportunity to share best practices.

Three Former Health Department Inspectors Walk Into YOUR School...
Speakers: Dan Ellnor, SNS; Shonia Hall, SNS; Jessica Shelly, MBA, SNS
What is the health inspector looking for when they come into your kitchen? Make sure that you are prepared and not scared the next time your health department comes knocking! Come learn insights from three school nutrition directors who have all worked previously as health department inspectors.

USDA Foods Update
Speakers: USDA Representatives
The popular USDA Foods update session is back at ANC with the latest news! USDA speakers will cover highlights from a variety of timely topics related to USDA Foods.

Virtual Produce: The New Frontier, A 3D Experience
Speakers: USDA Representatives
The new frontier is here: USDA has developed innovative online 3D produce models to train school nutrition professionals. Learn to use these models to reduce food waste and determine whether produce can be consumed or discarded to protect children from potential food safety hazards. A live demonstration will showcase what trainees will see and learn through the online training tool.

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