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New to ANC! These popular 30-minute, fast-paced learning sessions are focused on singular innovations. Trace the path of a big idea from concept to implementation, identifying the steps that will put that idea to work in your operation.

Check back here regularly to find out about new Ideas@Work sessions being added to the ANC schedule. Ideas@Work are sponsored by Tyson Foods.  

Ideas@Work Sessions:

A Frothy Idea! Coffee Shops go Viral
Speaker(s): Paul Becker, RD, LD
Back by popular demand from #SNIC19! How can your program compete with that #!@* java place? Steam up your a la carte sales with an in-school coffee kiosk. One director will share what does and doesn’t work in terms of menu mix, equipment, stakeholder soothing, marketing strategies and, of course, barista terminology. Come smell the coffee and see what your district is missing.

Aquaponics: Another Option for Your Farm-to-School Toolbox
Speaker(s): Mark Balfour, Stacey Snyder
Learn how a school district with long winters and a short growing season established an aquaponic greenhouse to support its farm-to-table priorities. Aquaponics combine aquaculture (raising fish, snails, etc. in tanks) with hydroponics (cultivating plants in water) to grow such foods as lettuce, spinach, herbs, onions, tomatoes, cucumbers and peas year-round. The greenhouse is used to teach students about agriculture and the values of a self-sustaining ecosystem.

Be Our Guest... Our Guest Chef, That Is!
Speaker(s): Jessica Shelly, MBA, SNS
Your principals, superintendents and board members know that a hungry child cannot learn, and they understand the important role of school meals in the education of their students. But do they know all that goes into making sure your students are well-fed and ready to learn? A "Guest Chef" program gives administrators a hands-on, fast-paced experience on what it really takes to dish out good nutrition!

Connecting the Cafeteria to the Classroom
Speaker(s): Samantha Ronk, RD
Looking for innovative ways to engage your student customers and connect your school cafeteria to the classroom? Discover how one district worked with the curriculum department to build lesson plans that have been implemented state-wide! From Kindergarten Kitchen Career Tours, to Fourth Grade Farm Festivals, you'll walk away with lesson plan templates and ideas for use in grades K-12.

Cracking the Code: Building Educator Buy-In for Breakfast in the Classroom
Speaker(s): Arianne Corbett, RD; Amanda Musick, RD, LDN
Breakfast in the classroom (BIC) offers unmistakable benefits for school nutrition programs including increased participation, increased reimbursements and reduced stigma for students. However, most educators are unaware of the program's academic benefits. Learn how to speak the language of educators and make the case that BIC helps not only the school nutrition program, but also a school district’s academic success.

Customizing School Meals: Raising the BAR
Speaker(s): Shannon Gleave, RDN, SNS
Cafeterias may not be able re-create the Chipotle model of customizing meals due to limited staff resources and set-up. However, you can still raise the bar and increase participation by incorporating customization stations in your cafeteria. We’ll look at ways to engage students in their school meals using spice bars, salad bars and even a hot chocolate bar!

Dealing with Problem Employees: The Basics of Progressive Discipline
Speaker(s): Courtney Morabic, SNS
You never want to fire anyone--you want to lead, develop and empower people. Learn how to unify your team through progressive discipline. Progressive discipline gives an opportunity for the Manager/Supervisor to present appropriate corrective action to improve a staff member's performance while giving them an opportunity to be heard and to correct the problem.

Discover SNA’s Training Zone
Speaker(s): Toni Aiken, Ashley Powell, PhD, SNS, Gretchen Wilson, SNS
SNA’s new Training Zone is a one-stop shop for high-quality SNA training including webinars, online training courses and allows for easy printing of certificates of completion. Join school nutrition operators who have taken the Training Zone for a test drive in their districts and learn how you and your team can benefit from this great resource.

From the Cafeteria to the Community
Speaker(s): Sommer Purvis
Create unique opportunities to market and promote your Child Nutrition program through community outreach initiatives. Moving your program outside of the cafeteria and into the community provides opportunities to collaborate with community partners, gain parental support, increase participation and provide nutritional education to the communities you serve.

Get on Board! Starting a Food Truck
Speaker(s): Kelli Cook
Back by popular demand from #SNIC19! Ready to roll your way into the hearts and minds of your school community? Discover how a small Georgia district used a food truck to gain greater participation, awareness and acceptance among students and other stakeholders. Buckle up for a mad dash through purchasing, funding, menus, staffing and more implementation strategies.

Perk Up Participation with Coffee as part of a Reimbursable Meal
Speaker(s): Lora Gilbert, MS, RD, SNS
The next big innovation is here…coffee as part of a reimbursable meal! Yes, it can be done. Hear about the exciting pilot program Orange County Public Schools developed to serve kids the coffee they crave while maximizing the nutrients they need.

School Meals: Thriving in a 4-day School Week
Speaker(s): Jill Kidd, MS, RD, SNS; Barbara Peavler
Schools are no longer locking into the traditional 5-day week schedule. Some districts are exploring the benefits of a 4-day school week, such as allowing for more flexibility with teacher schedules, reducing busing and energy costs, and even focusing Fridays on sports only. But what does this mean for your school nutrition operation? Learn how to help your team and your students thrive in a 4 day school week model.

School Nutrition Playbook – Filling the Gap with School Meals
Speaker(s): Warren DeShields
Back by popular demand from #SNIC18! Early and/or short lunch periods could mean that students who participate in after-school interests don’t have the fuel they need! Come see how you can work with school clubs and athletic teams to start a CACFP program that will keep students nourished long after the school bell.

Shhhhh! It's a Secret (Diner)!
Speaker(s): Jessica Shelly, MBA, SNS
When you visit the lunchroom, everything seems to be complying and working efficiently... but that's not what your data shows. What's happening when you aren't there? Discover how a Secret Diner Program can give you a unique look at your operation and provide valuable feedback to help you make improvements to food quality and customer service!

Sizzling Summer Fun with Summer Feeding
Speaker(s): Donnette Worthy, SNS
Back by popular demand from #SNIC19! The concept of feeding hungry kids when school is out is a no-brainer. The practicalities of doing so? That’s another thing. How can you be a summer feeding innovator in your community and reach more kids with the meals they need? One director shares her secrets to launching and expanding a successful summer feeding program.

Small District? Make the Most of Your Resources
Speaker(s): Laura Lynn, SNS
Calling all directors from small districts! As a small district, you know that you need to make the most of all available resources…especially human resources. Join Laura Lynn to learn how to include managers and kitchen staff in the broader decision-making process so that your small team is empowered to do great things.

So, You Want to Host a Food Show...
Speaker(s): Samantha Ronk, RD
For nearly three decades, Prince William County Public Schools (Va.) has held a successful Annual Food Show, testing recipes and food items for the upcoming school year with a thousand students, parents, school staff and community members. Walk away with a step-by-step guide to hosting your own food show that will engage your guests, while promoting your program.

Students with Food Allergies: What Do They Want?
Speaker(s): Karen Olsen, RDN, LD, SNS
How can you better serve students with food allergies? Learn how to meet the needs of your students with dietary constraints based on outcomes of a student round table discussion at a recent Food Allergy Research & Education (FARE) conference.

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