Pre-Conference Workshops

1. Nutrition
2. Operations
3. Administration
4. Communications & Marketing

Make the most of this year’s conference by creating a schedule of education sessions unique to your needs and interests by referring to the Target Audience Key:

E: Employee
M: Manager
D: District Director/Supervisor
MC: Major City Director/Supervisor
SA: State Agency
C: College
I: Industry

Pre-registration is required for all pre-conference sessions. Sessions may be canceled if not full. If canceled, registrants will be offered alternate courses or receive a full refund by mail after the conference concludes. Please register by June 3. SNA advises pre-conference registrants to wait to make schedule-dependent transportation plans until May 1, 2018.  

Join us a day early in the City of Lights to get a jumpstart on learning while you take a deep dive into specific topics (and earn extra CEUs, too!).

Sunday, July 8, 8:00 am-12:00 pm

A Proper Procurement Pays - SOLD OUT!
Speakers: USDA Representatives
Back by popular demand from ANC17! Join representatives from USDA to explore how proper procurement will pay dividends in your program. In this interactive session, participants will learn about approved procurement methods, how to develop effective written procurement procedures, gain tips from other operators and participate in hands-on learning activities.
Cost: $99; CEUs: 4; Key Area: 2
Target Audience: M, D, MC, SA

Back to the Basics: #Marketing 101
Speaker: Stefanie Dove, RDN, Kristan Lee
Chances are that you have been excelling at marketing without even knowing it! This hands-on, fast-paced workshop will help you take your program to the next level. Walk through the fundamentals of marketing, while learning tips and tricks for how to share the wonderful things you are already doing. Leave with a plan of action to kick off the school year and achieve maximum results with minimal effort.
Cost: $99: CEUs: 4; Key Area: 4
Target Audience: M, D, MC, SA

Knife and Cooking Skills Train-the-Trainer Lab
Speakers: Chef Brenda Thompson-Wattles, Chef Daniel Witkowski
Culinary techniques are a critical element of preparing flavorful food for children. This culinary train-the-trainer skills labs will provide you with hands-on knife skills lessons and teach you culinary techniques with instructors from SNA’s Chefs Task Force. You’ll learn safe and efficient techniques with the most essential tool in the kitchen: the chef’s knife. Practice fundamental cuts for preparing fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs and explore a variety of cooking techniques that will enhance the flavors, textures and appearance of school meals. Come away with knowledge, recipes and skills to teach the same techniques to staff in your kitchens. Expect to stand for the duration of the class. Wear comfortable, closed-toe shoes and have long hair tied back.
Cost: $99: CEUs: 4; Key Area: 2
Target Audience: E, M, D, MC, SA, C, I

Practical Solutions for Financial Management Success - SOLD OUT!
Speakers: USDA and ICN Representatives
Do you want to operate a foodservice program that is financially stable? In this interactive preconference workshop, Directors will have the opportunity to hear from panelists and dialogue with other professionals about ideas and methods that keep school nutrition budgets healthy. Participants will explore financial management tools and engage in peer-to-peer mentorship with seasoned school nutrition directors operating successfully “in the black.” Directors will leave equipped with action plans, tools, and resources to help them achieve financial success in their school meals program. Limited seating. Pre-registration is required.
Cost: Complimentary: CEUs: 4; Key Area: 3
Target Audience: D, MC

Students First: Managing Special Dietary Requests
Speakers: Claire Koenig, MPH, RDN, CD, Loriann Knapton, NDTR, SNS
Feeling overwhelmed by special dietary requests? This interactive workshop will provide the tools and knowledge that school nutrition professionals need to develop a plan of action for managing special dietary requests with confidence. Participants will learn about relevant USDA regulations, become familiar with common reasons behind meal accommodations and participate in group discussions and hands-on activities that focus on developing specific plans of action.
Cost: $99: CEUs: 4; Key Area: 1
Target Audience: M, D, MC, SA

Sunday, July 8, 8:00 am-5:00 pm

National Policies and Deep-Dive into Procurement: State Agency Workshop
This powerful session, especially for state agency representatives, will begin with a discussion of trending national policies and their potential to reshape school nutrition programs. Next, participants will hear from a panel of state agency professionals sharing their procurement best practices. In the afternoon, USDA representatives will provide a deep-dive into the requirements, responsibilities, technical assistance and implementation of complex procurement reviews. Come with your questions and leave ready to excel!
Cost: $150 (includes lunch); CEUs: 8
Target Audience: SA

Nutrition Basics: A Core Course for the SNA Certificate Program
Speaker: Karen Olsen, RDN, LD, SNS
K-12 students have unique nutrition needs. Come learn nutrition and wellness fundamentals and how they connect to the school setting. Explore ways to apply these principles to menu planning, food preparation and food safety for all students. This course fulfills the Level 1 Nutrition Core Requirement for SNA’s Certificate in School Nutrition.
Cost: $125 (includes lunch); CEUs: 8; Key Area: 1
Target Audience: E, M

Supervisory Skill Development for Managers
Speakers: Carol Gilbert MEd, SNS
Back by popular demand from ANC17! Today, managers and supervisors continue to be asked to do more with less. This workshop focuses on discovering your inner leader, from understanding your communication style, to how to effectively organize workload and delegate tasks, all the way up to conflict management.
Cost: $150 (includes lunch); CEUs: 4; Key Area: 3
Target Audience: M

Sunday, July 8, 1:00 pm-5:00 pm

Gaining New Perspectives on Poverty
Speaker: Danielle Bock, SNS
More than 13 million children in the U.S. live in food-insecure households. As school nutrition professionals, we work with at-risk populations every day. How do our assumptions and personal experiences of poverty frame our thoughts and actions toward these children and their families? Should we change our assumptions? Working in small groups, attendees will create new ways to approach old problems.
Cost: $99; CEUs: 4; Key Area: 4
Target Audience: E, M, D, MC, SA, C, I

Hit the Jackpot with USDA Foods
Speakers: Malissa Marsden, SNS, Julie Skolmowski, MPH, RD, SNS, Lena Wilson, SNS
Learn the nuts and bolts of the USDA Foods program and how to use ACDA’s Recipient Agency Handbook. Come get a taste of USDA Foods and discover practical applications for creating delicious new recipes.
Cost: $99; CEUs: 4; Key Area: 2
Target Audience: M, D, MC, SA

Restaurant Industry Trends: Behind the Scenes at Mandalay Bay - SOLD OUT!
Speakers: Chef Sharon Schaefer, SNS, and other members of the SNA Chefs Task Force
Have you ever wanted a sneak peek into the kitchens for your favorite restaurant? This once-in-a-lifetime pre-conference session will explore the kitchens and culinary areas at Mandalay Bay. Participants will learn how large foodservice production is accomplished on this sprawling property. This will be a fast-paced tour with walking and standing for up to 2 hours. Wear comfortable, non-slip, closed-toe shoes and tie long hair back.
Cost: $99; CEUs: 4; Key Area: 3 and 4
Target Audience: E, M, D, MC, SA, C, I

Shout It From the Rooftops! Promoting Your Program’s Excellence to Stakeholders
Speakers: Kelly Rambeau, Shaun Sawko, RD, Amanda Venezia, SNS
School nutrition professionals: innovative, caring, motivated and just plain fabulous! Every day, we serve our student customers healthy meals to fuel up for a day of learning. Often, however, we fall short when it comes to telling students, parents and the community about the great benefits of our school nutrition programs. In this pre-conference workshop, join a group of K-12 operators as they share successful initiatives and how to promote your customer base and beyond. As a bonus, you will leave with a packaged presentation for your next face-to-face meeting with the PTA.
Cost: $99; CEUs: 4; Key Area: 4
Target Audience: M, D, MC, SA

School Nutrition Ethics: What Should You Do?
Speakers: Toni Aiken, Kathy Burrill, SNS, Timikel Sharpe, MS
Back by popular demand from ANC17! Developed by SNA and tailored to school nutrition professionals, this engaging pre-conference session will feature a discussion on ethical decision-making and a look at case studies developed with common issues facing school nutrition.
Cost: $99; CEUs: 4; Key Area: 3
Target Audience: D, MC, SA

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