Tips for Exhibitors

Exhibitor Webinar

Watch this webinar for a step-by-step guide through everything you must know to exhibit at ANC 2018, including:

  • “New” exhibitor days & hours
  • Requirements from the Mandalay Bay Convention Center, Clark County Health & Fire Departments
  • Shipment of Freight to the GES Advance Warehouse
  • Move-in schedule for exhibitors
  • Correct coverage for the Certificate of Insurance
  • Other important information relating to the expo

This webinar is MANDATORY. Please have one representative from your organization attend, so that he/she can educate everyone on the compliance requirements with the Mandalay Bay Convention Center. View the archived webinar.

Post-Show Tradeshow Checklist

To get the most from your investment at ANC 2018 Las Vegas, follow up on your leads and use social media.

Exhibit Sales & Exhibit Hall Logistics
Prioritize Your Leads:

  • Electronic Retrieval Systems – maintain this information within your database
  • Leads from Business Cards – sort through and classify
  • Attendee Lists – a final attendee list is available for purchase in August 2018
  • Exhibit Sales & Exhibit Hall Logistics
    Social Media:

    The leads that come from a tradeshow are just the beginning of a long selling cycle. Depending on the nature of the product or service you sell, your lead might not unfold until months. Social media allows you to extend the conversation.

    • Use Facebook to keep the conversation going between you and the attendee. Recap highlights of the show.
    • Use your company Blog to discuss issues the attendees raised while visiting your booth at the conference. Have a series of topics and address each concern in detail.
    • Promote the videos you shot at the conference of your booth, demos, presentations and product launches on YouTube and via links your website, LinkedIn and Facebook.
    • Provide post-show incentives to get your Twitter & Facebook followers to recommend you to their colleagues and join the social networks you maintain.

    Money-saving Tips for Your Expo Space

    In today’s economy, we are all looking for ways to cut costs. Here are just a few ways that you can save money when designing your booth.

    • Bring your own flooring. Your local hardware store, Home Depot or Lowes for example, sells flooring that is easy to transport and put together. Cost: $50 - $100, compared to the onsite fees for a carpet: $200 - $600 depending on the size of your booth space.

    • Bring your own tables. Your local hardware store sells 6 - 8 foot folding tables that are easy to transport and set-up. Cost: $50 compared to the onsite fees of $150-$200.

    • Bring your own chairs. Your local hardware store sells folding chairs and stools at a cost of $25, compared to the onsite fees of $100 or more depending on the style.

    • Bring your own wastebasket. Store cost $5; onsite fee $20.

    • For electrical and water, always place your order by the advance rate deadline to take advantage of the discounts.

    • Limit your sample amounts: Food & Beverage Companies do not need to provide items for each attendee at the conference. On average, 50% of the attendees will visit your booth over the length of the conference (3 days).

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