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KEY AREA 1: Nutrition

25+ Crazy-Easy Scratch Recipes Ideas
No chef? No knife skills? No fancy equipment? No problem! Discover 25 crazy-easy scratch cooking ideas that can be used almost anywhere to enhance the quality of your meals. Find out about breakfasts, salads, sandwiches, entrees and more that are easy enough for staff with basic skills and equipment to prepare.

Celebrating Local Foods in Schools
When schools use local foods for meals, snacks and taste tests, kids win, farmers win and communities win! Learn about farm to school strategies such as California’s Thursdays to the Great Lakes Great Apple Crunch to Georgia’s Golden Radish Awards, where schools are promoting local foods as a way to improve meal quality, increase meal participation, and engage students and community members. Take away tips and examples of innovative local food promotions.

Connecting the Dots: Schools and Afterschool Meals
Running an afterschool meal program gives schools the opportunity for additional federal funding, while drawing students into education and enrichment programs and activities. Hear from school nutrition directors on how they are making afterschool meals a success for their districts. And learn about best practices to help you implement your own program.

Creative Recipes Using USDA Foods
Maximizing USDA Foods requires ongoing planning and forecasting, as well as recipe and menu development. This session offers speed scratch techniques and great recipes using USDA Foods to leverage today’s trendy menu concepts.

Cultivating a Bountiful Farm to School Program
Explore the benefits, challenges and innovative methods to connect the farm to the cafeteria and classroom. Learn how to incorporate hands-on nutrition education that can actually change student behavior and build healthy habits.

DIY- Extreme Menu Makeover
Do your menus need an extreme makeover? Learn how one school district created a student approved menu using innovative approaches, including chef demos, menu committee meetings and an annual “Fresh Flavors – Food for Mind & Body” event to collect feedback from students and parents. Discover how to apply their ideas to your program.

Farm to School 101
This session will offer an introductory class about farm to school, sharing information on creating an action plan, buying local foods, promoting successes and evaluating your efforts. Bring home tips, tools and worksheets for implementing successful farm to school activities.

Food Allergy Management: Exercise Your Plan
Explore two scenario-based activities, designed to help schools plan and communicate allergy management strategies that are specific to school environments. These will help all staff to recognize and respond quickly to life-threatening food allergy emergencies.

Food Allergy Management: Myths & Facts
This session will outline food allergy management practices using the latest research on interventions that have been shown to reduce the risk of food allergy reactions. Understand common myths and misperceptions and learn the facts you must know to support students with food allergies.

Growing a Hardy and Healthy F2S Program
Let’s dig in and get to the root of how to build successful Farm to School programs that engage key stakeholders including the community, teachers and students. Join us to discuss how Farm to School can incorporate partnerships, culinary trends, garden-based learning and more.

Harvesting Best Practices From the School Garden
Want to serve fresh produce from your school garden? Find out how some districts have successfully implemented school gardens and supplemented their serving lines with garden-fresh produce. Take home ideas to connect your school gardens to school meals, learn about national best practices and get your questions answered.

Nutrition Smackdown: How to Defend (and Promote) Your Great Food!
Don’t miss an edu-taining nutrition refresher to better understand and promote what whole grains, fruits, vegetables, dairy products and lean meats/meat alternatives really bring to the table (or the tray). Join nutrition experts Jim Painter, PhD, RDN and David Grotto, MS, RDN as they offer answers via their nutrition "smackdown-style" discussion.

Seasoned Strategies for Innovative Menu Planning
Interested in innovative menu planning strategies that you can implement in your district? Come and hear from seasoned directors about trending ethnic cuisines, effective recipe development processes, scratch-cooking strategies, and innovative menu planning and culinary resources that will assist schools in achieving their menu planning goals. Explore USDA's newest menu planning tools to reinvigorate your school menu. Leave the session equipped to develop, prepare, and serve new recipes students will enjoy.

Student Choice - Ages and Stages
Most children grow and develop in predictable ways and have particular needs during various stages. Each stage impacts how a student eats and why they may choose certain foods. Identify the ages and stages you are likely to see in your school and brainstorm ways to address individual needs.

What’s New with USDA Foods?
Learn what’s new with the USDA Foods Program, including new menu items, reformulations of food resulting from school district feedback and proposed changes that will help the Program be more responsive to customer needs.

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KEY AREA 2: Operations

Buy American
School districts must follow the Buy American provision when purchasing food for school nutrition programs. Join the experts at USDA to identify tips to source U.S. grown and produced foods and best practices to ensure procurement of American and local products.

Culinary Competencies for School Nutrition Professionals
With a trend toward scratch cooking in school nutrition, staff cooking skills may need to be strengthened. The Culinary Institute of America’s Healthy Kids Collaborative has developed comprehensive culinary competencies for school nutrition professionals. Learn how you can identify cooking skills that have already been mastered and those that could be further developed.

Culinary Skills Lab
Stop by the ANC culinary skills lab to walk through four mini demonstrations, including thermometer calibration, fruits and veggie prep, knife skills and weights and measures. Each session will be taught by members of SNA’s Chefs’ Task Force.

Evaluating Your Food Safety Program
School nutrition professionals understand the importance of food safety and have standards and practices in place. But how do you measure the effectiveness of your food safety practices? Learn from the experts at Kansas State and explore resources for assessing facilities, standards and employee practices within schools.

Focus on Fruits and Veggies!
Learn how to use the different colors of fresh and cooked produce to brighten your cafeteria serving lines. Gain techniques such a basic knife cuts and garnishes that can make all the difference with visual appeal.

Great Deals! Break Meals!
Join representatives from Dallas ISD to learn how to develop a plan to provide meals during school break times, gain the support of district administration and successfully market this new offering.

How to Retrofit a School Bus Into a Mobile Cafeteria
Mobile meals are the new trend in school nutrition. Grow participation by learning how to convert a school bus into a mobile cafeteria/kitchen. Presenters from two different school distrcits will describe different methods used and review the costs, strengths, weaknesses, and surprises encountered in the process.

Making It Count with Offer Versus Serve
Need a refresher on Offer vs. Serve? Gain a better understanding of the concept and how to identify a reimbursable meal quickly and correctly.

Managing Unpaid Meal Charges
USDA required all school districts to develop an unpaid meal charge policy in time for the 2017-18 school year. A panel of school nutrition directors and USDA will discuss different policies and best practices from districts across the country to help you assess what approaches may work best for your school community.

The Modern School Bakery
Learn how to set up a modern bakery that will improve the taste of food served in school, update your program’s image and help your bottom line. This session will cover equipment needs, review ingredients that work well with whole-grain requirements and demonstrate how to set up core recipes.

No More Guessing Games: Using Data to Get Exactly What You Need
To write an effective bid, school nutrition operators need to estimate quantities with a fair amount of accuracy. Effective forecasting can also help increase the likelihood you will receive the best price and value. Join this panel discussion to take home forecasting how to’s, templates and ideas to take back to your district.

The Power of Accurate Forecasting with USDA Foods
Accurate forecasting can minimize product shortages and improve processor inventory management. Learn best practices, roles and responsibilities of Recipient Agencies (RAs), distributors, and manufacturers.

Procurement: Big Ideas From Big Districts (Major City Directors/Supervisors Section Meeting)
Join us for innovative solutions initiated by large districts around the country to streamline their procurement processes and leverage the unique advantages of size. Bring your questions for this panel of experts, who will share tools and practical applications.

Procurement of USDA Foods
Are you getting the best value out of your processed USDA Foods? Learn tips to make the most out of your entitlement dollars and serve up delicious school meals.

Putting Forecasting at the Forefront
How do you get the right items available in the right quantities at the right time? Accurate forecasting. Learn how distributors, brokers, manufacturers and school districts use forecasting effectively to streamline the procurement process.

Reaching Kids On the Go: Food Delivery, Pre-ordering and Food Trucks
Everyone else in foodservice is doing it, right?! Food delivery, pre-ordering, kiosk ordering and food trucks are the ultimate conveniences. But, can it work in the K-12 setting? Come learn the findings, results and best practices as one nutrition program ventures into the exciting idea of delivering food to busy students on the go.

Rolling the Dice with Mobile Buses
Thinking about rolling the dice on a mobile feeding bus? Join this session to learn how to design a mobile feeding bus and how to effectively integrate it throughout your program. Bring your chips and be ready to ante up so your program can go all-in with mobile feeding!

Serving Food Safely Beyond the Cafeteria
In our school kitchens, food safety is at the forefront. However, special consideration needs to be taken to keep food safe beyond the cafeteria –like on field trips or during meal service in the classroom. Join USDA and school nutrition practitioners to learn tips on how to make food safety a priority wherever you are serving food!

Solving the Procurement Puzzle - Procurement Do's and Don'ts
With a growing emphasis on procurement in school nutrition, it’s important to make sure you do things right and, perhaps more importantly, that you don’t do things that can undermine your professionalism and your program. SNA has developed guidance to help you find your way to a clean, effective procurement process.

Standards of Conduct in Procurement: Ensuring Integrity
Join the USDA team to gain better understanding of ethical procurement requirements outlined in Federal laws, regulations, and guidance. This is your opportunity to learn, ask questions and discuss common ethical concerns and best practices encountered in the procurement process. You’ll quickly apply this learning through interactive problem solving and group scenario discussions.

Strength in Numbers with Collaborative Purchasing
Join dynamic representatives from two large school districts to get the best practices on building competitive procurement procedures with collaborative purchasing. Speakers will share knowledgeable experience in benefits of joint contracts, steps to negotiate more favorable pricing and how to build effective relationships to increase purchasing power.

Understanding Buy American
This session will provide an overview of the Buy American provision and share resources for how to successfully implement this provision in school meals. USDA will provide tips and tools to help you purchase U.S. grown fruits and vegetables in season and at the best price, as well as explain how to use the USDA Foods State of Origin Report data to support local purchases.

USDA Foods: Recall Know How
Every food recall is different, but they all unfold quickly and require accurate communication and action to prevent possible illness or injury to students and staff. Learn about features of the procurement and delivery processes that differentiate USDA Foods recalls from commercial recalls.

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KEY AREA 3: Administration

13 Common Errors Managers make and How To Avoid Them - Back by Popular Demand!
Discover the top 13 common errors that managers display in front of their employees, peers and upper level management that can lead to conflict and problems with all three groups. Identifying these behaviors and how to avoid them will enable participants to become more effective communicators and managers.

A Director's Guide to SLAY The Administrative Review!
Does the thought of an Administrative Review frighten you? Hear from school nutrition directors who have created the “Successful, Logical, Accurate, Yielding positive results” method (SLAY) to achieve achieve successful Administrative Reviews. In this session you will be provided a standard blueprint that can be followed for preparation, organization and training.

Benchmarking Key Performance Indicators for Financial Success
Join the experts to learn about ICN’s new “Key Performance Indicators for School Nutrition Success” and how it can be effectively used for school nutrition program management. Case study data will be presented for benchmarking your decisions, program evaluation and key stakeholder communication.

Best Practices and Posters: A Walking Tour (College Section Meeting)
Don your comfortable shoes and take a tour of this year’s School Nutrition Research and Best Practices Showcase. During this meeting, you’ll have the opportunity meet with the poster authors and learn more about school nutrition best practices.

Beyond the Brown Bag: Ways to Customize Breakfast After the Bell
In this interactive session, operators will describe what they have done to customize their breakfast after the bell programs to meet student preferences, reduce waste and manage costs. From applying technology to tweaking menu offerings, bring back concrete ideas to help you think beyond traditional pre-bagged school breakfast.

Breakfast Innovations Beyond the Cafeteria
Join this panel discussion of various strategies and best practices for growing breakfast participation. Explore ways to improve meal quality, increase reimbursements and incorporate nutrition education.

Bring Your Wellness Policy to Life
Hear how two local food service directors are energizing their school communities around strong wellness policies and measuring how well the policy has been implemented. USDA representatives will share all of the tools they have created, from technical tools to promotional materials, to help you bridge the gap and encourage involvement from parents, staff, and community members. You’ll leave the session with strategies to build excitement for your wellness policy!

Bulletproof Traits of Top CN Leaders
Are you able to leap tall buildings in a single bound? Do you feel like you have to some days? This presentation will uncover some top level leadership traits to help make your job easier and more meaningful.

Calculating Key Performance Indicators
Discover three short modules from ICN’s “Key Performance Indicators for School Nutrition Success” and learn how KPIs can be used for decision making, program evaluation, and communication with key stakeholders. A live demo will show how to use spreadsheets effectively to analyze financial data for decision-making.

Case Study: Benchmarking Meals Per Labor Hour (MPLH)
Participants will learn how to calculate MPLH, compare metrics with similar schools and discover how to use this type of data to drive decision making at the school level. We’ll also discuss the pros and cons of MPLH methodologies.

Catch the Wave of Innovative Summer Food Service Best Practices
Summer meals are a great way to feed students when school is not in session. Explore research-based resources and strategies to increase participation and improve Summer Meal Program operations.

Creating Success with CEP and Provision 2
Community eligibility has become a huge success, reducing paperwork for schools and increasing program participation. Gain tips on partial implementation, messaging to your community and best practices for improving direct certification and maximizing ISPs in your CEP schools. You’ll also learn about the Provision 2 opportunity if your district or school doesn’t qualify for CEP.

Develop a Mentor Mentality
Have you created a bonified culture of collaboration or does your team have a distinct pecking order? Learn how to foster talent, be a great mentor, bring out the best in others and create a culture of recognition and appreciation.

Driving Employee Engagement
Your employees can be your greatest asset or your greatest source of stress. The difference between reaching your goals and pulling your hair out is finding ways to hire good people and getting them engaged in their work. Learn strategies to convert disengaged employees into motivated team members.

Engaging Your Team in Financial Management
Establishing benchmarks and monitoring meal participation, expenditures, revenues and financial reports can provide early warning signs of trouble. Train managers and other staff how to read reports and analyses to assist them in establishing their own benchmarks for their individual sites.

Equipment Selection Best Practices
This session will discuss best practices for selecting equipment for your foodservice operation. Topics to be discussed include equipment research and selection, what to expect from working with design consultants and how to get funding for new equipment.

Exploring Cafeteria Waste Practices and Metrics
The School Cafeteria Discards Assessment Project (SCrAP), is a nationwide research project on school sustainability and waste management. Uncover insights you can apply to your school or district for decision-making or developing new waste reduction programs.

The Five Languages of Appreciation at Work
Using humor and real world examples, learn about the impact that appreciation and empowerment can have on individuals at work. Presenter Ervin Watson will share his successful "E-3 Principle" (Edify, Encourage, Equip) process to build up the people on your team.

Fundamentals of Adult Learning
Are you new to providing training, or simply interested in gaining insights into how adults learn? Become a more effective trainer with help from ICN. Topics will include characteristics of adult learners, adult learning principles, and tips for applying those principles during training design and delivery.

General Overview of Critical CACFP Regulations
Join USDA for an overview of the Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP) at-risk regulations and their application to afterschool meal programs. Implications will be discussed in light of the new Pre-K meal patterns and Administrative Review criteria.

Go Digital with Team Nutrition
Can technology simplify menu planning and training efforts? Bring your tablet and phone for hands-on learning activities as USDA takes you on a tour of its technology-based resources such as the Food Buying Guide App and Web Tool, USDA’s Mixing Bowl, and new Professional Standards Tracking Tool. These tools are sure to help you elevate your school nutrition operations!

Integrating Millennials: Today’s Workforce Opportunities
How do we attract millenials to school nutrition, use their skill-sets and integrate them into a multi-generational team? Identify multiple paths and partnerships geared toward recent college graduates so you can shape the future of your program.

Interviewing and Onboarding New Employees for Success
Learn how a major city district is using the interview process to test applicants in fine-finger manipulation, as well as math and reading skills to hire employees with a greater potential for success. Explore examples of various training programs that help increase retention.

Lead By Example, Know Your Superpower
This edu-taining session will share the intentional journeys of two SNA leaders, including their victories and defeats, as well as “the best thing that could have never happened.” Be prepared to be inspired and have fun.

Leadership Can Be Learned
Inspirational speaker, Maureen G. Mulvaney (“MGM”) is back to help you learn the secrets, tricks and “magical” techniques to motivate your team to get the job done without resistance, gossip or back-talking.

Leadership Reimagined: Engaging Your Team for Success (Richard B. Russell Leadership Series)
Leaders at all levels should be open to exploring ways to improve and become more effective. This session is an opportunity for you to be more intentional about your leadership growth and help you build the skills needed to empower your team and deliver effective results.

Make Cents of Your Cycle Menu
This fun interactive session will introduce participants to tools to calculate food costs for cycle menus as well as analyze sales to determine which items are “Stars,” “Puzzles” and more! Participants will also take away electronic spreadsheets to determine food cost percentages.

Make Training Fun Again
Learn how a college/school nutrition partnership with dietetic interns resulted in fun and unique training approaches that you can use with foodservice teams at the start of a new school year.

Measuring Productivity in Child Nutrition Programs
Meal per labor hour (MPLH) is one of the most essential tools to measure program productivity in school nutrition. Come prepared to learn everything from how to calculate meal equivalents to what to consider when setting your MPLH goals.

Meeting Preschool Nutrition Standards
Updated preschool nutrition standards went into effect on October 1, 2017. During this session, USDA will share best practices and new resources for meeting the updated requirements, as well as review recent policy guidance.

Mentoring: The Secret Sauce of Appreciation
One way to increase employee engagement is to create a culture of appreciation. This session will share an innovative, non-traditional approach to building this enviroment among your staff through peer-to-peer mentoring.

My Generation Is Better Than Yours
In today’s workplace, you’re likely to have four generations trying to coexist. Join Chaun Vaughn in bringing to light what makes each generation unique, the factors that make them who they are and how to create a cohesive work environment across the generational divide.

New Directors' Roundtable - What Can SNA Do for You?
Calling all new directors! Have you been a director for less than three years? Be sure to attend this New Directors’ Roundtable to learn how you can make the most of ANC and all that SNA has to offer. Gain tried and true tips from a panel of experienced directors.

PLEASE Stop Working On Your Weaknesses!
This leadership session makes the concept of “working in your strength zone” practical and simple to understand and implement. Learn to develop your strengths while understanding how to work in an environment where you can’t do everything perfectly.

Procurement and Administrative Reviews
Join the USDA team as they cover requirements of procurement reviews and how these interface with the Administrative Review process. This session will also cover flexibilities that State agencies have in the operation and monitoring of procurement areas and discuss best practices.

Recognizing Employee Excellence
Join us in creating a work atmosphere that recognizes excellent employees. Learn skills to identify top performers and bring your crew together to celebrate achievements.

Reducing Food Waste at School
From purchasing, preparation and cooking, this session will address solutions to maximize food use and minimize waste at school through purchasing, preparation and cooking processes.These will include optimal storage solutions, recipe ideas and food donation recommendations.

The Rx for a Healthy Team
In school nutrition, it's not just the equipment that needs maintenance! Popular speaker JoAnne Robinett will share teambuilding basics along with results from a recent survey addressing "why our kitchen teamwork is not working..." (Reason #5 will shock you!) Attend this session to get the prescription to improve your team's health and productivity!

Simple Solutions for Conflict Management
Conflict is inevitable at home, on the job and in our daily lives. How we handle conflict when it comes can determine our quality of life and relationships. This program, featuring popular speaker Bart Christian, will explore not only our direct involvement in conflict but also how we can help to resolve conflicts that arise around us.

Small Changes - Huge $$ Impact
The formula for financial success is to increase participation and revenue. Learn how the Alliance for a Healthier Generation‘s Healthy Schools Program promotes small changes to improve serving areas and lines for efficiencies. Learn to offer popular menu options using scratch techniques and minimally processed ingredients.

SNA Legislative Update
The second session of the 115th Congress is in full swing! Join us for the 2018 Legislative Update where you’ll learn the very latest on what’s happening in Congress on Child Nutrition Programs. SNA’s Advocacy Team and Public Policy and Legislation Committee Chair and Vice Chair will discuss what’s in store with the Administration, Congress and U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Succeed as a Director
Whether you are a supervisor or manager hoping to get to the next level or new to the director position, this session is made for you! Learn practical tips, wisdom and strategies to build a successful career as a director in school nutrition. Or, gain reminders and words of inspiration to help you continue on the path to building a strong program.

Supper Superheroes: More Kids, More Meals
Do you operate a supper program but are looking to expand participation? Learn tried and true ideas from school nutrition professionals who have unlocked strategies to overcome barriers like low awareness and rigid bus schedules to achieve success.

Teaching Adults Is Sometimes Like Herding Cats
The task: Address 50 people who have been on standing on their feet in a hot kitchen for 8 hours and make them enjoy your 2-hour lecture? Can it be done? Yes. Come to this session and find out how with SNA Past President Nancy Rice’s expert tips and tricks.

Think You Are an Effective Manager?
Managers think they are effective when their employees complete daily assignments and students consume delicious and nutritious school meals. Is this the result of their management style? If placed in another school, would the results be the same? Come discover the answers!

Tips and Interactive Tools for Training the Adult Learner
Training adult learners requires different teaching strategies than K-12 students. Tips will be shared for how to assess your staff’s training needs to incorporate engaging discussions and activities into your training programs that apply to their work. Free online tools, like Jeopardy and Kahoot!, will be demonstrated to make training fun and interactive.

What Are My Documents Telling Me?
In this high-energy session, participants will learn how reviewing financials, production records and HACCP documents can assist them with minimizing food waste, saving money, improving food quality, student participation and efficiencies in their cafeterias.

What Do Your Employees Really Want?
"What is one thing you wish your supervisor knew?” Popular speaker JoAnne Robinett asked this question to over 200 employees. The responses were enlightening, thought provoking, touching and behavior changing. Attend this session to eavesdrop on what is usually left unsaid and learn how small things can often have the biggest impact.

What Happens in Vegas BETTER NOT Stay in Vegas! Putting What You Learn Into Action!
Most of us have been to numerous conferences or trainings. We listen, take notes and make decisions about things that need to change. But then, back home, does anything change? Join popular speaker Jeff Joiner to learn how to make sure everything you learned at ANC in Vegas gets put into action!

When Generations Collide...
Right now there are four generations in the workforce – let’s take a fresh look at the growing challenge of managing such teams. This program will help you uncover some simple hidden techniques so you can handle miscommunications, conflict, loyalty issues and work ethics debates in a multigenerational workforce.

Working Together: Four Generations in One Kitchen
Reflecting national demographics, the school nutrition workforce is a gumbo of diverse professionals, often including up to four generations working in the same kitchen. This session will look at ICN reseach on generational diversity in school nutrition and share best practices for managing and training your workforce gumbo.

You Can Manage Change!
School nutrition professionals at all levels can learn how to become agents of change. Avoid the pitfalls of managing change with real-world examples and helpful tools. You’ll come home ready to take your operation to the next level!

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KEY AREA 4: Communications & Marketing

Branding Your School District for Success
In the corporate world, successful companies develop brands that propel their products or services into their customer’s hearts and lives. Brand building is essential for school nutrition programs, too. The Richmond County Nutrition Services team and marketing guru Kern Halls will share surefire strategies and techniques used to develop a visual identity, positioning and ways to a brand energized over time.

Cooking Up Success With Your Administration and School Board
Join SNA President-elect Gay Anderson, Superintendent Dr. Jarod Larson and School Board President Renee Ullom as they walk through best practices for helping school administrators understand the importance of school nutrition. You’ll leave ready to show your administration how school meals fuel learning, the professionalism of the school nutrition team and the importance of belonging to SNA.

Create a "SMART" Customer Service Action Plan
Learn how to assess your team’s current customer service skill set and create an action plan to focus on implementing “SMART” (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relative, Timely) customer service in the school kitchen. A SMART Team = Happy Customers.

Creating Kitchen Harmony Through Customer Service
Who would have thought that customer service was the key to everybody getting along? Learn to manage conflict, create harmony and achieve tremendous results by helping your team focus on delivering a great dining experience to students.

Establishing School Nutrition Programs as Integral to the Education Day
The CDC’s Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child Program provides a framework for greater alignment, integration and collaboration between education and health to improve each child's cognitive, physical, social and emotional development. Learn how districts across the country are leveraging this collaborative approach and establishing school nutrition programs as integral to the education day.

Get Your Game On!
Spice it up with the hottest menu trends! Explore rising trends and new takes on school nutrition menu classics. Presented in a high energy game show format, everyone will walk away with a list of great menu items to try!

How to Decode the Nutrition Label
Ready. Set. Present! Help students and parents read nutrition labels with a tried and true presentation from school nutrition professionals who fully support you taking it and making it your own.

Inclusion: Appreciating each other’s perspectives
Let’s get down to the nitty gritty: personalities, culture, childhood experiences, spiritual beliefs, and race all play a tremendous part in how we behave and respond. These factors also play a huge part in the workplace environment! Gain practical ideas to help you work with others who have different perspectives and you may not always agree with.

Jason Smith: From Cafeteria Manager to Food Network Star
You could say that food has been a driving force in Jason Smith’s life since he started cooking and baking with his grandmother. This passion took him from being an elementary school cafeteria manager to world-wide fame as the winner of Food Network’s Holiday Baking Championship (Season 3) and Next Food Network Star (Season 13). Although Smith’s current focus is more on adult foods and flavors (bacon, butter, and bourbon), he believes that connecting kids to food through cooking is critical. Hear his inspiring journey and how he believes the school cafeteria can inspire children to explore new foods and flavors.

Legislative Action - The "Why You Should" and "How To" Get Involved!
The right to petition and have our voices heard is the most valued aspect of our system of governance. This session will highlight the importance of getting involved in the legislative process, who to contact, how to reach government officials and provide proven tips for getting your message heard - and acted upon!

Marketing in a Low Free and Reduced District
Take away best practices and innovative marketing ideas from two districts that have low free and reduced participation. Discover ways to transform some of the marketing concepts from high free and reduced districts and make them attainable in your district.

Marketing to Generation Z
Generation Z–or “screenagers”–are the digital natives who fill your cafeterias. Find out how they differ from their millennial parents, discover the best strategies for effectively engaging this iGeneration, meeting their needs and increasing their participation with your school nutrition program.

Marketing to Your Customers in a Digital Age
Gain marketing techniques guaranteed to increase meal consumption, participation and engagement for students in the digital age. All techniques presented have been vetted to ensure students have memorable dining experiences in school cafeterias.

The Recipe for Earning Success in the Workplace
(Employee/Manager Section Meeting)

In school nutrition today, we need to do whatever it takes to convey professionalism and earn the respect we deserve. The way we talk, dress, act and present ourselves all make a difference. This presentation provides reminders that first impressions matter and offers tips for how to put your best self forward.

Reimbursable What!? Explaining Reimbursable Meals to Parents and Faculty
Learn how to educate parents, faculty and community members about the benefits and composition of the reimbursable meal. Plus, you’ll leave with a presentation you can use and customize for your program.

Removing the Invisible Wall Around Your Cafe
Does it sometimes feel like there is an invisible “wall” between your cafe and the school/community you serve? How did the wall get there and why should it be taken down? Learn how to integrate your school nutrition program with the rest of the school community.

Share and Share Alike: 29 Tech Tools to Create Cool Content for Social Media with Beth Ziesenis (AKA “Your Nerdy Best Friend”)
The most popular posts on social media are pictures and videos. With a few easy (and free!) tech tools, you can transform your messages into share-worthy graphics that will bring your school nutrition program to the forefront. This action-packed session will provide you with dozens of sites and apps that will help elevate the quality of your social media posts and other digital material.

Simple Solutions for Customer Service
Everyone has experienced both good and poor customer service. Back by popular demand, Bart Christian will delve into the concept of "Customer Delight" and how to achieve it every day. From dealing with upset kids to dissatisfied adults, identify how to turn a less than positive situation around quickly and effectively for everyone involved.

Simple Tech Tools from Your Nerdy Best Friend
(District Directors and Supervisors Section Meeting)

Kick off this year’s ANC with Beth Ziesenis (AKA Your Nerdy Best Friend) who is a sought-after “technology nerd!” In today’s high-tech world, apps can solve all kinds of school nutrition challenges. We’ve brainstormed some of the toughest tasks in your typical day for this session featuring must-have tech tools. Join us for instant, free solutions for graphic design needs, new ideas for virtual meetings when you have no budget, apps that merge your work and work calendars and to-do lists, reliable sources of industry updates and handling your email inbox without going crazy.

Swipe Right, How to Find a Chef
Have you ever wondered how some districts manage to find a great chef? How do you find a chef? And how do you make room in an existing school nutrition team for a totally new role? Join a panel of experts for personal stories, advice and answers on how to find your perfect culinary match.

Transform Negative Comments Into Positive Marketing!
Does your blood start to boil as parents, principals, teachers or students sometimes share negative feedback about your menus, your food or your team? Learn to take control of these situations and build your brand one conversation at a time!

Understanding Tomorrow’s Tastemakers Today
Join Y-Pulse Founding Partner Sharon Olson and School Nutrition Editor Patricia Fitzgerald as they explore the dining influences and preferences of today’s K-12 students. Y-Pulse’s research findings can offer school nutrition operators insightful data that can help drive menu magic. This session will also feature examples of cafeteria innovations from forward-thinking school districts.

Using Social Media to Market Your Program
This session will highlight the top food trends, innovative ways to incorporate them into your program, all while showing you creative ways you can tell your story and the benefits of school nutrition through social media.

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