1:30 pm EDT Wednesday, May 4, 2023
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In this session we will look at diverse types of “vendors” that serve K-12 Child Nutrition Programs. We will explore how each is uniquely related yet functions autonomously to facilitate the supply chain and learn who to call when there is a kink in that chain! We will look at 4 basic types of representatives, their responsibilities, and the value each one provides. We will also advice K12 school nutrition operators on best practices to navigating relationships with these pivotal assets to the school nutrition network.

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  1. Understand the role of all the key players in the supply chain network and how recent disruptions have impacted the school nutrition space (emphasis on distribution and manufacturing).
  2. Learn more about the benefits of collaborative vendor partnerships as it relates to school nutrition and industry operations.
  3. Discover best practices for how K12 school nutrition operators can best navigate business relationships with these pivotal assets to the school nutrition network.
  4. Learn more about what School Nutrition Foundation and No Kid Hungry are doing to support the Supply Chain Innovation Project and how you can get involved.

SNA CEUs: 1.0
Key Area 2000: Operations
Key Topic 2400: Purchasing/Procurement


Ruben Pena, RD, SNS
Business Development Manager
IPS Rebates