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Food allergies are on the rise in children, and an estimated 13 percent of school aged children in the United States have one or more. And while there’s information out there, many of School Nutrition Professionals continue to have questions.

These answers can help provide practical information to inform School Nutrition Professional and help you to create a safer and more socially comfortable environment for kids with food allergies. Always check with your child’s doctor for specific advice. 

  1.  What are the applicable federal guidelines I need to know about when it comes to managing food allergies in school nutrition programs?
  2. What foods are most commonly allergenic?
  3. How many people really have food allergies and why do they seem so common?
  4. What is the risk for an allergenic person when it comes to smelling allergenic foods?
  5. How can school nutrition professionals safely prepare allergenic foods when there are students and adults with food allergies in our schools?
  6. How do I identify a food allergy reaction and what do I do if it happens at my school?
  7. What do we do if a student’s parents want peanut butter off the menu?
  8. Is there a difference between food allergy and intolerance to foods?
  9. How can we prevent bullying around food allergies?
  10. Where can I get additional information about managing food allergies in schools?

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