Read the January 2017 Issue of School Nutrition Magazine


Read the January 2017 Issue of School Nutrition Magazine

Many Americans are overweight. As a matter of fact, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services estimates some two-thirds of us have a serious problem. Doesn’t it always seem like the busier we are, the harder it is to make healthy choices and stick to them? Plus, we are constantly bombarded with the latest studies on what to eat and how much physical activity to get. In School Nutrition’s January 2017 issue, the annual personal development issue, you will find practical information designed to help you achieve a healthy weight.

What’s Weighing You Down: We know we eat to live but many of us live to eat. In this new year, it’s time to take an honest evaluation of your diet and exercise habits. This introductory piece invites you to explore ways to remove the barriers that keep you from achieving all those weight-loss goals you keep promising yourself and make the most of the other articles included in this issue.

As A Matter of Fact: Frustrated as to why weight loss is so easy for some and more difficult for others? It’s not art, it’s not magic—it’s a science! We review eight common perceptions related to getting to and maintaining a healthy weight. Some are fact—others are fiction. Learn more so you can make informed choices when considering lifestyle changes.

Diet Decisions: There are any number of good diet plans on the market right now but which one is the best for a you? Read about the pros and cons for five popular diet plans and learn ways to personalize a program that will work best for you.

Eat Well When Eating Out: Does choosing to lead a healthier lifestyle mean denying yourself the pleasures of eating? Is this the end of eating out? Nope. Being mindful of all the tricks of the restaurant trade, knowing key culinary words on the menu, proportion size, healthy options, number of calories in your drink, and better fast food choices, will make eating out an enjoyable experience again.

Making Fitness A Family Affair: Food is a part of our social fabric. When everyone around the dinner table needs to lose a few pounds or more, then proper diet and exercise becomes a family affair. Being a role model is a start. Read about ways you and your family can savor the shared experience of eating healthier meals and partake in exercise together without the drama normally associated with it.

Also in this issue:
The Food Focus section features one of the newest culinary delights – flatbreads, in an article entitled, The World Is Flat. And a must-read for school nutrition managers, assistant managers and employees is this month’s Onsite Insights’ section focusing on cafeteria finances. Site staff not only can help ensure that meals are healthy, but that the school nutrition operation remains fiscally healthy, too!

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