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There’s A Coach Leading Every Great Team—Is it YOU?
Are you getting the very best out of your team? By applying coaching techniques, you can transform your staff into a winning team that increases “fan” participation and takes the team from good to GREAT!

Your Online Brand: #SocialMedia Do’s and Don’ts
A strong social media presence (aka brand) is essential for success in today’s digital world. Join #SocialMedia guru Dayle Hayes (School Meals That Rock) as she shares hot tips on growing a positive online presence with multiple benefits for both your school nutrition program and your professional career. Bring your Smartphone or tablet for a hands-on learning experience and get ready to upgrade your #SocialMedia skills!

NUDGE Marketing…and the New Regs!
School nutrition employees have a tremendous, largely untapped power to encourage kids towards the healthier options we serve. How? With a little NUDGE! Discover how “nudge marketing” encompasses the way we present various options and communicate with our customers to have a significant impact on the food choices they make. This session will use the roll-out of the new regulations over the last two school years as an example of how to utilize effective messaging to “nudge” customers in the right direction.

Getting Parents and the Community on the Bus for School Lunch
Boost participation and improve the perception of your program by engaging customers through community outreach and initiatives. The days of mystery meats that gave school foodservice a bad reputation are long gone. Now, school menus are being filled with a variety of real, tasty foods while meeting nutritional standards. This session will focus on innovative marketing and communications strategies that will educate stakeholders about all the fresh, appealing and nutritional school meal options offered today.

The Smarter Lunchrooms Movement: A National Movement with Local Impacts
Hear from the Smarter Lunchroom experts from Cornell! This session will highlight the growth and expansion of the Smarter Lunchrooms Movement (SLM) across the USA. Find out about various ways SLM will appear in the National School Lunch Program (NSLP) and school wellness policies while also highlighting successful methods for incorporating best practices into your schools’ future. Leave with the latest tools you can use to help make your lunchroom even smarter!

Understanding Millennial Moms: Your Future Customer
Millennial Moms have a different way of thinking about the world, including school nutrition. Their information gathering, decision-making and purchase behaviors vary from previous generations. The good news is that ongoing trends in school nutrition align closely with the values and priorities of the Millennial Mom. In this training program, you’ll learn that the trick is bridging the communications gap. You’ll gain insightful, low cost and actionable ideas that your school nutrition program can incorporate.

Mix it Up with Marketing and Social Media!
No one ever said marketing your program to kids, parents and the community would be a piece of cake! However, employing a tailored mix of tactics can help you achieve real success both online and off. Attend this session to find out how to mix up your marketing and PR tactics with social media, cafeteria events, National School Lunch and Breakfast Week promotions and more!

Child Nutrition Policy, Grassroots Advocacy and You!
It’s a proven fact...SNA Advocacy efforts work best when SNA members are actively engaged. Come learn about SNA’s Political Action Committee (PAC), the benefits of action alerts, grassroots advocacy tips and techniques at the State and Federal level. Join this session and let’s work together to move positive child nutrition policy forward.

Grab and Go Breakfast: Successes and Challenges
Currently the Project BreakFAST intervention is working to expand and promote the School Breakfast Program in 16 rural Minnesota schools and test its impact on students. Discover the major challenges faced by schools in implementing the grab and go breakfast as well as the collaborative solutions developed to address these challenges. Student data and preliminary results will be shared.

Toot Your Own Horn: How to Promote Your Program in 3 Simple Steps
With updated school nutrition standards and wellness policies now a part of the school environment, it can seem overwhelming to keep up, let alone communicate about all of your good work! Learn how you can embrace the new changes and convert requirements into a positive marketing and communications campaign to increase support for your nutrition program.

Case Studies on the Lunch Aide: Do they Drive or Deter Participation?
Did you know that lunch aides can play an important role in the success of you program? Hear the details of a new case study conducted by PhDs and researchers to evaluate the potential value of a kind, nurturing and encouraging lunch aide. The results were astounding! Additionally, you’ll be introduced to the easy things lunch aides can do to drive participation.

Digital Menu Boards: Real World Implementation
Pasco County (Florida) School’s Food and Nutrition Services undertook a project to innovate in 35 school sites by implementing digital signage. This session will present information about strategic planning, early implementation, and daily execution and will answer any questions you have about working on a digital menu board project!

Tastings with a Twist!
Yes, you have done sampling/tastings, but what about a “GREENBEAN RAP CONTEST TASTING?” Find out how to expose healthy foods, a variety of flavors and healthy food preparations to children by making it a celebration. Find out why it is important for students to try new Smart Snacks in a fun and familiar environment where they feel comfortable. Attendees will also discover how to coordinate school-wide healthy simple nutrition messages and have the tasting complement other physical/nutrition education programs.

The Magic Kingdom: The Cafeteria
Join popular SNA speaker, Maureen G. Mulvaney, known as “MGM,” as she explains that while Disneyland has an often used nickname, school nutrition is the true “MAGIC KINGDOM!” Attendees will find out why their school cafeteria is saving the meal at a time. Discover how to engage, energize and electrify your community to become your school nutrition partner. Plus, learn how to create magical experiences for your customers—the kids!

Merchandizing, Marketing and Mobile Solutions
Merchandizing and marketing show that a small investment can make a big impact and more importantly increase sales and acceptability of products. Learn how to take the serving line out of the cafeteria. Participants will understand how to bridge the gap between “heat and serve foods” and scratch cooking and how mobile serving carts can increase breakfast, lunch and a la carte sales.

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