Giving That Provides Income for You and Your Family

Several types of gifts can provide income for you and your family and also provide significant savings in income tax and in capital gains taxes.

One type of gift that produces income, and possibly increases your current income, is a Charitable Remainder Trust. If you have highly appreciated assets that are generating low income, you can place these assets into a trust and name the School Nutrition Foundation as the beneficiary of the trust. The trust can sell the appreciated assets without paying capital gains taxes and then reinvest the proceeds to generate more income and thus improve your cash flow.

A Charitable Remainder Trust is considered an excellent option if you are over the age of 55, would like to make a substantial gift, wish to retain income for life or the life of a designated beneficiary, and can place assets valued at $100,000 or more in the trust. Cash, securities, real estate or a combination of assets might be used to fund the trust. The School Nutrition Foundation may serve as trustee of your trust, or you may work with a bank or another financial institution and retain trusteeship and choose your own investment methods.

The "charitable remainder" portion of the trust—that which ultimately will benefit the School Nutrition Association and its members through the School Nutrition Foundation—must be at least 10% of the initial fair market value of the assets irrevocably transferred to the trust. Based upon IRS guidelines, you receive an immediate income-tax deduction for the value of the School Nutrition Foundation’s remainder interest. These gifts may provide fixed income or variable income depending on your preferences.

Other types of life-income gifts and other types of trusts are available and may better meet your needs.

We encourage you to discuss the possibilities of these gift planning tools with a trusted financial advisor, to discover how you may leave a legacy at the School Nutrition Foundation and also provide income for you and your loved ones.

The Foundation’s staff will gladly provide more information on these types of gifts as well.

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