10 Secrets to Body Language Literacy

Key Area 4, Communications & Marketing, Code 4140
February 2018

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 1. Up to 93% of human interaction is ___.


2. __ eye contact is considered an ideal in nonverbal communication.


3. “Mirroring” is also known as the “___ effect.” 


4. Sitting upright boosts self-esteem and overall mood.


5. Even if intended simply for comfort, crossed arms across the chest can make you seem ___. 


6. Broca’s area is an area of the brain that processes smell and taste. 


7. __ can give others a negative impression about your attentiveness.


8. Body language is head-to-toe communication—even your feet “say” something.


9. A human smile ___.


10. Positive body language increases ___ and decreases ___.



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