Does a Meeting Help or Hurt?

In “The Race Against Time” in the November 2016 issue of School Nutrition, Kelsey Casselbury walks through how you can beef up your time management techniques. The article advises paying attention to how you spend your time and what your biggest distractions tend to be and offers other tips for rethinking how you approach time management. There were too many great tips to fit in the print article, so we’re including some additional wisdom online.

Meetings are the cornerstone of a workplace, but how many times have you left one thinking, “That could have been accomplished in an email”? In many cases, the words, “Let’s schedule a meeting,” come out of your mouth because you want to buy a little more time before making any decisions or because it makes you feel like you’ve made progress. Meetings, though, are not always the most effective use of your time. Before you schedule a meeting, consider this:

  • Have you thought through the situation that necessitates a meeting? If not, schedule some time with yourself first, so you can do a little strategizing to come up with questions or concerns that need to be addressed.
  • Do those questions or concerns require being face-to-face? If not, send an email or schedule a phone call; they take up less time for everyone.
  • If an absent employee asks you what happened at the meeting, what answer do you want to have for them? That’s the purpose of the meeting. If you can’t say what the meeting will accomplish, you shouldn’t have it. 

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