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National Dairy Council’s Flavored Milk Toolkit

The following resources have been provided by MilkPEP, the Milk Processor Education Program:

New School Year, New Lunches:  Fruits, Vegetables, Whole Grains and Nutrient-Rich Milk Make the Grade:  New USDA School Meal Regulations Take Effect Including Fat-Free Flavored Milk with 21% Lower Calories and 40% Less Sugar.   

2011-2012 Annual School Milk Survey:  MilkPEP has concluded the Annual School Milk Survey.  Among the findings:  the average calories in school flavored milk has declined by more than 21% over the past 5 years, and sugars have been cut dramatically by 40%.  On average, school flavored milk now has 132 calories per serving.  However, due to the elimination of flavored milk in some districts over the last 3 years, school milk usage has dropped nearly 4%. 

Impact on Student Milk Consumption and Nutrient Intakes from Eliminating Flavored Milk in Schools/2009 Study Materials: Removing flavored milk from the lunchroom has nutritional consequences. Students are missing out on essential nutrients when flavored milk is not available.

More Downloadable School Milk Resources:  

Flavored Milk Brochure: Learn more about the nutritional benefits of lowfat milk, both white and flavored, in this informative brochure. Ideal for parents and other school executives.

Flavored Milk Flyer: This two-sided handout provides an abbreviated look at the research, statistics and trends on the importance of flavored milk to a student’s nutrition.

Rethink Your Drink Handout: This two-sided handout shows the nutritional comparison between a variety of beverage options children typically choose from in and around the school lunchroom and at home.

Milk: Essential for a Reason Handout: See how an 8-ounce serving of milk, flavored or not, is packed with essential nutrients that can help kids grow in to strong, healthy adults.

"Rethink the Drink" Presentation: Presented by Keith Ayoob, Albert Einstein College of Medicine at the 2011 SNA conference and September 14, 2011 webinar.

Current School Meal Environment PowerPoint: Customizable presentation summarizes milk's value on the menu and outlines how parents view flavored milk.

Important Facts about Sugar and Hyperactivity: Experts see no link between sugar and hyperactivity in kids. Learn more about the research, and the real story about the important role flavored milk plays in our students’ nutrition.

Lactose Intolerance: Keep Milk in the Mix: This handout shares the latest research about the nutritional importance of keeping milk and dairy in the diet, and tips for management.

FREE Banners, Posters, Handouts, Stickers and More:  Click here for MilkPEP's online ordering page to request free resources to use in your cafeteria.   

Best Practices for Encouraging Milk Consumption:  Gain some new ideas from school nutrition professionals across the country who have found creative ways to boost awareness of the nutritional importance of drinking milk, including flavored milk.  Visit to read MilkPEP's Spotlight On stories and submit a success story of your own!

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