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Breakfast in the Classroom Implementation: Dive into Operations & Financials
In this interactive session, help a fictitious school district determine whether Breakfast in the Classroom (BIC) is a financially viable option. Walk through a spreadsheet that addresses core elements such as labor costs, food costs, equipment needs and staffing models necessary for a financially viable breakfast in the classroom program. You will have the framework to take back to your district to implement BIC.
Especially for: New Directors

Double Up Your Gold Star Status
The HealthierUS School Challenge and the Alliance for a Healthier Generation’s Healthy School recognition programs are the two awards that schools can earn to demonstrate their successes in their quest for excellence in health and wellness initiatives for students and staff. Learn about new efforts to align the two applications and how participation in each can boost your efforts to meet the requirements of the Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act.

Fight Hunger in Your Community with School Breakfast (REPEAT)
We all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but do you know that for vulnerable children, school breakfast is a lifeline for their health, future and our nation’s security. Hungry children aren’t just in third world countries, they are in your communities. Hear how Fuel Up to Play 60 and Share Our Strength can provide community support for breakfast. Learn how you can fight hunger while promoting school breakfast.
Especially for: New Directors

Roundtable Session: How USDA Foods Support Domestic Agriculture and Where’s the Fruit?
USDA Foods purchases support the nutrition needs of schools and food banks and have an equally important mission to support the United States’ agriculture sector. This session will have a special focus on fruit and vegetable markets and domestic supply chain in consideration of the new Meal Pattern requirements.
Note: Space is limited.
Especially for: New Directors


2014 Legislative Update (REPEAT)
The 2014 Legislative Update will provide you with the latest information regarding SNA’s legislative activities and plans for the upcoming 2015 Child Nutrition Reauthorization. SNA’s advocacy team will share what’s new and what’s on the horizon.
Especially for: New Directors

Community Eligibility: Success in Year 1
This session will address lessons learned from states implementing the Community Eligibility Provision during phase-in and will include an in-depth explanation of requirements, calculating claiming and reimbursement percentages, suggestions for non-federal funding sources and requirements for notification and reporting.
Especially for: New Directors

Get a Head Start on Professional Standards with SNA’s Certificate & Credentialing Programs
Do you have questions about Level 1, 2, 3 and Trainer Certification or the SNS Credentialing Exam? Get the answers directly from SNA staff, who will provide an overview of the requirements and application process. Take your career to the next level by being a part of the growing number of certified and credentialed professionals nationwide.

Hot Topic! Professional Standards are Coming: Are You Ready?
This session will teach participants about the provisions of Section 306 of the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act (the establishment of professional standards for school foodservice). Attendees will also learn about the components of the proposed rule. The specific requirements for State Agency directors, school nutrition district directors and other school nutrition employees will be reviewed.
Especially for: New Directors

Promoting Healthy Habits with Afterschool and Summer Meals
School nutrition programs consist of more than breakfast and lunch! The Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010 expanded the Afterschool Meals Program to all 50 states, allowing more students to participate in this program. Learn how to implement Afterschool Meals Programs to serve holiday, weekend and afterschool meals. Discover how to build and leverage partnerships with afterschool providers in your community to ensure quality, nutritious meals are served.
Especially for: New Directors


It’s Time for Creative Calendar Marketing
There are many events and holidays on the calendar that you can use to promote your program this year! National Pasta Day, National School Lunch Week and National School Breakfast Week, School Lunch Hero Day, Valentine’s Day, Farm to School Month, Mardi Gras—the list is endless. Attend this session for great ideas that will inspire you to organize a timely, fun celebration in your cafeteria. Speakers will provide ideas and tips for menuing, decorating and organizing activities and events.

Renovations that Work: Maximizing the Halo Effect
First impressions count! What image are your students forming about school lunch before even tasting a bite of your food? From your menu to your marketing strategies to your lunchroom environment, learn how to take a second look at your operation and make simple, inexpensive changes that appeal to students of all ages.

MONDAY 3:30 PM–4:30 PM


Competitive Foods—Making the School Day Healthier
Come learn how the state of Arizona adopted nutrition standards for kindergarten through eighth grade students in 2007 and how the Washington Elementary School District created marketing tools to make adoption of the standards easy for parents, teachers and administration. You will learn how to market the new Competitive Foods rule effectively to stakeholders and create an approved list for the families of the students in the district.
Especially for: New Directors

Culinary Training Supports HHFKA Meal Pattern Implementation
Learn how Maryland partnered with all school food authorities using a train-the-trainer model to teach staff basic culinary skills and production techniques that specifically support the implementation of the Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act (HHFKA) focused menu items. Learn about the successes, challenges and how to be part of a legion of trainers to support implementation of the HHFKA meal patterns.

The Culture of Food Safety
Do your staff wash their hands for 20 seconds? Do line workers feel empowered to make changes when they see a food safety issue? Do teachers remind students to wash their hands before eating? We can all agree that safe food handling reduces the likelihood of a foodborne illness outbreak, but do the policies or practices in your kitchen create a culture where food safety is a priority? This session provides tools and strategies for how to make food safety a priority ALL the time...and not just when it is convenient.

Your Produce RFP: Achieving Variety, Quality and a Collaborative Partnership
Developing a fresh produce RFP and creating a collaborative business relationship with your produce distributor is critical to meeting the new federal nutrition standards for school breakfast and lunch. This educational workshop, designed for directors and managers, will address how to develop a fresh produce RFP that meets your district’s needs, budget and goals and how a produce distributor can provide a depth of value, including food safety, variety, quality, seasonality and local produce that results in students eating more fruits and vegetables.
Especially for: New Directors


Roundtable Session: How USDA Foods Support Domestic Agriculture and Where’s the Fruit? (REPEAT)
USDA Foods purchases support the nutrition needs of schools and food banks and have an equally important mission to support the United States’ agriculture sector. This session will have a special focus on fruit and vegetable markets and domestic supply chain in consideration of the new Meal Pattern requirements.
Note: Space is limited.
Especially for: New Directors

Hungry for Nutrition Education in Your Schools?
Many believe nutrition education should be incorporated into Pre-K through 12th grade curricula. Research supports this concept, as does the Institute of Medicine and SNA. Does your school district? Together we will explore the research on comprehensive nutrition education programs and how you can use this model to design a healthy eating environment made easier for your students, teachers, staff and community.

Talking with Parents & Students About Healthier Foods at School
Come learn practical and engaging strategies for communicating with families about healthier food choices at school—both in and outside of the cafeteria. Popular Team Nutrition events, new nutrition education materials for kindergarten and new (Spring 2014) messaging and cafeteria posters for elementary and middle schools will be shared. Learn about easy, tested and ready-to-go resources to inform parents and encourage students to try healthier food offerings.
Especially for: New Directors


Simple Solutions for Conflict Management
Conflict is inevitable at home, on the job and in our daily lives. How we handle conflict can determine our quality of life and relationships. Come explore not only our direct involvement in conflict but also how we can help to resolve conflicts that arise around us. Learn skills for dealing with personal conflict and conflicts between other coworkers.

Succession Planning: The Future of Child Nutrition
The future of child nutrition programs depends on the availability of mentoring and training programs that provide employees an opportunity to advance and assume leadership positions. Learn how a district adopted a career ladder that enables entry-level employees to rise to managerial and administrative positions.

Roundtable Session: Taking It to the Streets
In recent years, a number of school districts around the country have risen to the challenge of filling the gap between May and August in food insecurity. During this interactive roundtable discussion session, learn how a variety of school districts have built and operated mobile feeding vehicles. Discover the best practices developed and challenges overcome in this unique environment.
Note: Space is limited.


Strategies for Expanding Your Breakfast Program
Join this session and collaborate with your peers to develop strategies to work with stakeholders at the building and district level. Stakeholder support is an integral part of promoting and increasing breakfast participation. This facilitated session will allow you to work in small groups to develop messaging and strategies that work.

You Can Be an Effective Public Speaker
The school nutrition industry is full of talented people. However, some may lack presentation skills, which oftentimes equals limited career potential. This powerful session, taught by one of America’s most successful public speaking coaches, will help you prepare, develop and deliver effective presentations in a variety of situations.

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