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A CN Director, a Teacher and a Principal Walk Into a Bar: A Discussion with the Partners for Breakfast in the Classroom
Strategize ways to engage education and administration stakeholders and learn how to determine the financial viability of BIC in your district. Hear about best practices and a short update on the Partners for Breakfast in the Classroom grant opportunity.

Affluent Districts: Best Practices for Overcoming Challenges
Are you operating a low free and reduced nutrition program? Join us to discuss ideas, opportunities and solutions for thriving on the NSLP. Learn simple strategies for procurement, pricing and serving up appealing meals to entice kids to the cafeteria.

Be a Coach, Not A Boss!
Why is being a coach better than being a boss? This fascinating session will show you why being a coach at work is better than being a boss. Learn the simple strategies to make your team be the best that they can be.

But, Wait! There’s MORE! Going the Extra Mile
A recent survey asked district directors to identify what separated managers who just “get by” from those who excel. In this enlightening session, JoAnne Robinett will unveil the unique characteristics of managers who “Go The Extra Mile!” Stop by to see if you can complete the entire mile!

CEP: Best Practices for Success
The Community Eligibility Provision has swept the country! Now that thousands of schools and districts have implemented the program with great success, there is no shortage of best practices. Hear various perspectives on the many advantages of CEP, overcoming concerns related to eliminating school meal applications and innovative solutions to maximize the reach of the provision and the benefits for school districts.

CEP: Is it Right for Your District?
Thinking of trying the Community Eligibility Provision (CEP)? Worried about funding? Learn about the decision-making process and tools available to successfully implement CEP.

Coping with Unpaid Meal Charges
USDA-FNS representatives will update you on progress in researching the issue of unpaid meal charges, including policies, procedures and consequences. This session also will include some best practices used by school districts and provide clarification on federal policies.

Creating a Wellness Policy Game Plan
Create a game plan for school wellness! Learn how to implement the successful Wellness Coach model and come away with tools and resources to help you impact student health and revitalize your wellness policy committee.

Develop a Professional Incentive Training Program
Learn how to develop a district training program that meets USDA Professional Standards and ties incentive pay to three levels of certification. Learn about a simple software program used to track employee training, which also allows the employee to register and review classes attended.

Emotional Intelligence: The Other Kind of Smart
Emotional intelligence (EQ) is the “something” in each of us that is a bit intangible. It affects how we manage behavior, navigate social complexities and make personal decisions that achieve positive results. Emotional intelligence is made up of four core skills that you can develop. EQ Certified Trainer Joel Pedersen will show you how to take your food service team to the next level.

Energize Your Team with STEPS!
How do you create a healthier work environment for your co-workers and yourself? You can use the STEPS Challenge as a model to foster wellness among your staff members. STEPS rewards participants for making small, achievable lifestyle changes that can add up to make a big difference. Attend this session to learn how to get your school nutrition team participating and embracing a healthier lifestyle!

Food Psychology: Why We Eat More than We Think
School meals are portion-controlled, but outside of school most people are not aware of the volume of food they consume. This lack of awareness may lead to over-consumption. Renowned food psychologist, Dr. Jim Painter will illustrate with examples how portion sizes have increased over the past two decades and the ways to control food portions. He will also present techniques to help consumers be aware of their eating patterns and provide ways to reduce intake.

Go Green and Save $$$
Thinking about going green? Learn about the cost and environmental impact of serving options like paper, compostables, biodegradables, polystyrene and bioplastics. New laws limiting methods of removing waste, like eliminating disposals, will be discussed.

Implementing Professional Standards: Tips for Success
Join USDA and a panel of school nutrition directors to find out how you can successfully implement Professional Standards in your district. Come learn about the strategies and resources you can use to help you hire, train and retain qualified school nutrition staff to serve in school nutrition programs!

It’s All About The Partnership: Attract Young Professionals to School Nutrition
With a large population of foodservice directors on their way or close to retirement, how does the field of school nutrition attract the younger generation to carry on the important work of feeding our nation’s youth? Come hear how two different universities are partnering in unique ways with local school districts. Both programs are great opportunities for students to become a part of the school foodservice future and is a win-win for everyone involved. During this panel discussion, find out how you can make great things happen by creating such a partnership in your district.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs): Practical Applications
KPIs can change your business for the better! Results of a national survey that looked at how KPIs are utilized by school nutrition directors will be shared. Additionally, gain real life examples of how specific KPIs have been successfully utilized by school nutrition directors for decision making and program evaluation.

Leadership Skills for SN Professionals
What if there were a few simple leadership skills that would allow you to get more done in less time, reduce your stress, and improve the performance of your team? Join popular ANC speaker Jeff Joiner to learn some basic concepts and approaches to leadership, including establishing accountability, bringing out the best in employees and driving employee engagement.

Making Sense of Your Dollars and Cents
Learn how to drill down into program data to analyze key variables effecting program profitability. Find out about tools and techniques you can implement to track, evaluate and improve your program’s bottom line to create positive change.

Managers: Work “Smarter,” not “Harder”
By working “smarter” and not “harder,” site managers will learn practical solutions to time management philosophies, including how to create effective work schedules, how to reorganize and prioritize tasks and, most importantly, how to tactfully delegate.

Paying Down the Unpaid Meal Debt
Explore ways to reduce student debt. From restricting school activity registrations to getting Board of Education support to using emails and texts to alert parents, there are many creative solutions to try!

Preparing for the Administrative Review
Join State Agency representatives who will discuss how to prepare for the Administrative Review, avoid common pitfalls and learn best practices so your district can be even better prepared the next time the Administrative Review comes around! This session will include time for Q&A.

Program Integrity: School Meal Applications and Verification
Find out about the development of a USDA electronic prototype school meal application and pilot program to improve household response rates in the annual verification process.

Put Some PEP in Professional Standards
Do you need help providing training that meets the USDA Professional Standards Requirements? This session will help you create a training plan for 20 to 600 employees and provide a blueprint for a successful Professional Enrichment Program (PEP).

School Wellness Policies: Strategies for Success
Learn about the new regulation on local school wellness policy requirements, useful tools and resources, as well as best practices from schools across the nation that have successfully implemented, monitored and evaluated wellness policies.

Simple Solutions for Conflict Management
Conflict is inevitable at home, on the job and in our daily lives. How we handle conflict can determine our quality of life and relationships. Learn skills for dealing with personal conflict and disagreements between co-workers.

Simple Solutions for Dealing with Difficult People
This insightful session featuring Bart Christian is designed to help the audience recognize nonproductive habits and actions in others as well as in themselves. Discover personal strategies that can turn around even the most difficult situations.

Spooked by OSHA HazCom?
Ever feel like changes happen so quickly that you barely have time to learn a regulation before new ones come along? The new 2016 OSHA Hazard Communication Standard requirements include more responsibilities than ever for your team. Let us give you a hand navigating the new standards; our “OSHA-nanigans” are guaranteed to turn your fear into fun!

The Leader’s Edge
Effective leadership is critical to successfully operating complex school meal programs, as well as advancing in one’s professional or volunteer leadership role. Leaders who can listen, communicate, negotiate and innovate are the foundation of strong school meal programs and strong professional associations. Come to this session to hear a SNA past president share her leadership journey in her district and in our professional association. She will help you define the important skills to achieve your personal leadership goals.

Three Meals a Day: A Win-Win for Students and Schools!
Are your students leaving school hungry? Join Share Our Strength and SNA in this interactive session in which you’ll hear from school nutrition professionals working on afterschool supper programs and hear why your district may want to deliver this critical third meal. Gain tips and how-to lessons to generate revenue for your district with afterschool meals.

Turning Your Kitchen Managers into Leaders
Without highly trained, highly committed site managers, no school nutrition program can reach its full potential. Leadership expert Jeff Joiner moderates a discussion about the benefits of on-going training initiatives that help managers develop confidence and leadership skills.

Understanding Direct and Indirect Costs
Participants will gain an understanding of the nature of direct and indirect costs and their role in the operation of School Meal Programs. Learn about tools to safeguard assets of the school food service program and ensure that they are used for authorized purposes.

Why Speak Up for School Nutrition?
You hear a lot about the importance of advocacy for school nutrition programs. But even if you know HOW to be an effective advocate, you may want to know WHY to do it in the first place! Join SNA staff and school nutrition operators to discuss why your voice needs to be heard in your community, your state and in Washington, D.C.!

2016 Legislative Update
The second session of the 114th Congress is in full swing! Join us for the 2016 Legislative Update where you’ll learn the very latest on Child Nutrition Reauthorization. SNA’s Advocacy Team and Public Policy and Legislation Committee Chair will share critical details about the status of child nutrition legislation.

Richard B. Russell Leadership Series

Eight Insights to Help You Lead Like It Matters...Because It Does!
Sunday, July 10, 2016, 1:00 pm-2:00 pm
Speaker: Roxi Hewertson

After decades of practice and study, Roxi Hewertson knows what works and what does not work in leadership. She’s tripped into and over many epiphanies and has summarized many of them with eight “aha” leadership insights that have helped shape hers and her clients’ understanding of the challenges leaders face every day. Participants in this session will come away with a renewed understanding of the importance of mindful leadership and will receive several tips about how to take charge of one’s own “responsibility pond” so your ripple effect on other people is indeed a positive and productive one.

The Richard B. Russell Leadership Series (through the School Nutrition Foundation) was established in 2010 by Georgia SNA in memory of Senator Richard B. Russell. Senator Russell was a passionate leader in school nutrition programs from the very beginning when Congress authorized the school lunch program known as the Richard B. Russell National School Lunch Act of 1946. The Leadership Series honors three SNA past presidents from the state of Georgia: Josephine Martin, Mary Nix and Nancy Rice.  

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