SNA Announces Winners of “Who’s Your School Breakfast Star?” Writing Contest

May 2, 2013 – As part of National School Breakfast Week (NSBW) 2013, SNA organized a writing contest for students nationwide. After receiving more than 500 entries in the contest, panels of judges have selected three national winners:

  • Margaret Balich, a 5th grader from Pennsylvania
  • Madelyn Hone, an 8th grader from Washington
  • Bryan Starr, a 5th grader from Georgia

The winners will have their contest submissions published in School Nutrition magazine’s November 2013 issue and will receive prize packs from SNA. The contest asked students to write a written response to a question in two parts: “If you could eat school breakfast with anyone in the world, who would it be and why?” and “What healthy school breakfast food would you enjoy with them and why?”

The winning submissions from Margaret, Madelyn, and Bryan are posted below. To learn more about NSBW, visit

Margaret Balich submission:
If I could eat breakfast with anyone in the world, I would choose Mr. Fred Rogers. I would choose Mr. Rogers because he inspires me to be kind and respectful to everyone. He was a great, kind man and I would have loved to meet him. This is who I would like to eat breakfast with.

If I could share breakfast with Mr. Rogers, I would make him and me eggs, oatmeal, and yogurt with fresh strawberries. I would make this because eggs give you protein, oatmeal gives you whole grains, the yogurt gives you calcium, and the strawberries give you vitamins and minerals. This is what I would eat with Mr. Rogers.

Madelyn Hone submission:
If I could eat school breakfast with anyone in the whole world, it would have to be Missy Franklin, champion Olympic swimmer! I admire Missy, and her swimming. She is one of my heroes! I am a swimmer too, and it has always been a dream of mine to make it to the Olympics. If I could eat breakfast with Missy Franklin we could talk about our swimming. I would love to hear her tell me about her experiences, and it would be so cool to get some tips on swimming technique from her as well!

If Missy Franklin and I ate school breakfast together, we could have the yummy egg breakfast sandwiches. The egg sandwiches have protein in them, and we swimmers need protein to give us strength and muscle mass. We could also have fresh fruit like apples and oranges, to give us vitamins, carbs for energy, and fiber for a healthy digestive system. Lastly, Missy and I could drink milk to help us strengthen our muscles and bones!

Bryan Starr submission:
If I could eat breakfast with anyone I would choose a homeless kid. He/she would really need the good stuff for breakfast, because the homeless kid never gets to eat. It would make the homeless kid very happy. The homeless kid never gets to eat the good foods that we do every day. That would make the homeless kid and me very happy. It would be a win-win situation.

For the healthy school breakfast, I would choose a lot of stuff. For the main food it would be breakfast pizza. It is very delicious and healthy because of all the protein in it. Then the milk would be 1% milk. On the side there would be oranges. Oranges have lots of calcium so they would be good and healthy. Then there would also be toast with jelly. That would be a very good breakfast.

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