SNS Credentialing

SNA established the School Nutrition Specialist (SNS) Credentialing Program in 1997 to enhance the professional image of school nutrition professionals, elevate professional standards and enhance individual performance.

The SNS Credential is a mark of excellence and achievement that reflects what it takes to manage school nutrition programs in today’s challenging climate. The SNS Credentialing Exam evaluates candidates’ knowledge and skills required to perform specific job activities related to managing or directing school nutrition programs.

SNA’s School Nutrition Specialist (SNS) Credentialing program is governed by the Certificate and Credentialing Governing Council, an autonomous arm of the School Nutrition Association. The Governing Council members and SNA Credentialing Program Staff are solely responsible for the policies and administration of SNA’s Credentialing program.

Revised Exam Launching in July 2017
SNA is planning on releasing a revised version of the exam in July 2017 at ANC Atlanta. The new exam will include 220 multiple choice questions of which only 200 questions will be scored. The remaining 20 questions will not be scored and are being pre-tested for future examinations. The pre-test items will be randomly dispersed throughout the exam so candidates should plan on answering all questions. Pre-testing questions is a standard industry process and best practice approved by the Certificate and Credentialing Governing Council. Candidates will have 4 hours to complete the exam. For questions about the new exam format, please email

How to Apply

  1. Download and use the SNS Credentialing Handbook & Application to register for the exam.
  2. Read the SNS Exam Preparation Tips  
  3. Purchase the SNS Study Guide (optional)

Location   Host/Meeting   Registration
Exam Date  
Washington, D.C.

SNA- Legislative Action Conference 03/11/2017 04/01/2017
Foxborough, MA

MA SNA 03/31/2017 04/20/2017
Jekyll Island, GA

GA SNA State Conference 03/31/2017 04/20/2017
South Burlington, VT

VT SNA 04/11/2017 05/02/2017
Baltimore, MD

SNA- National Leadership Conference 04/13/2017 05/04/2017
Chester, NJ

NJ SNA 04/25/2017 05/16/2017
Fargo, ND

ND SNA 05/16/2017 06/06/2017
Denver, CO

CO SNA 05/23/2017 06/11/2017
Gatlinburg, TN

TN SNA 05/22/2017 06/12/2017
Sandy, UT

UT SNA 05/23/2017 06/13/2017
Cleveland, OH

OH SNA 05/24/2017 06/14/2017
Houston, TX

TX SNA 05/28/2017 06/18/2017
Covington, KY

KY SNA 05/28/2017 06/18/2017
Greensboro, NC

NC SNA 05/30/2017 06/20/2017
Boise, ID

 ID SNA 05/31/2017 06/21/2017
La Crosse, WI

 WI SNA 06/04/2017 06/25/2017
Tulsa, OK

OK-SNA 06/07/2017 06/28/2017
Atlanta, GA

SNA- Annual National Conference 06/18/2017 07/08/2017
Jackson, MS

MS SNA 06/28/2017 07/19/2017
Kennewick, WA

WA SNA 07/02/2017 07/23/2017
Verona, NY

NY SNA 10/05/2017 10/26/2017
Branson, MO

MO-SNA 10/06/2017 10/27/2017

Now Available: SNS Study Guide & School Food and Nutrition Service Management Bundle  

As a special introductory offer, SNA is offering a SNS Preparation Resources Bundle which includes:

  • School Nutrition Specialist Credentialing Exam Study Guide – 2015 Edition  
  • School Food and Nutrition Service Management for the 21st Century – 6th Edition, authored by Dot Pannell-Martin & Julie A Boettger

Note: the preparation resources are also available separately in the SNA  Bookstore.

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