Some FAQs on GMOs

May 2014

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 1. The term "GMO" stands for ___.

 2. Scientists have been changing the genetic characteristics of plants and animals through ___ for thousands of years.
 3. You can find Flavr Savr tomatoes in grocery stores today.

4. In addition to the United States, ___ is a top producer of GMOs.

 5. Today, 90% of U.S.-grown wheat is genetically modified.
 6. if you eat a hamburger, it's likely you could find GMOs in the ___.
 7.  Opponents of GMOs in foods worry about the potential for unanticipated ___.
8. The rise of so-called ___ may be an unintended consequence of using herbicide-resistant crops.
 9. Golden Rice is infused with beta carotene specifically to address the problem of ___.
 10. ___ is one grocery chain that soon will require all products sold in its stores to have GM labeling.


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