Can You Hear Me Now? Best Sports Headphones

In “Fashion Where It Counts,” writer Elyssa Ganser provides an overview of wearable fitness technology. Unless you’re hopping in the pool for a swimmer’s workout, you likely pop on a pair of headphones during a workout to keep you motivated with music or movies—but finding the right pair can be a challenge. An earbud that just won’t stay in can be the downfall of finishing that last lap on the track. Invest in a pair of headphones meant specifically for exercise to avoid any technological mishaps. 

Backbeat Sports Headphones With the technology revolution in full force, headphones have become far more advanced than they once were. Many sports headphones now include an around-the-ear bud, keeping your headphones securely on your ear during any type of exercise. Generally, sports headphones are sweat-proof, so the earbud won’t die out from water damage, a risk of some basic non-sport headphones. Additionally, most sports headphones allow you to change or pause songs, as well as accept or reject incoming calls.

According to CNET, one of the top-selling sports headphones is the Bose SIE2i Sport Headphones ($99-$129.95). The Bose headphones include a fitness armband, providing you with a hands-free workout; however, they might be too pricey for the amateur fitness enthusiast. For a budget-friendly option, technology critic website Digital Trends recommends the Philips ActionFit Sports Earook headphones ($12). These headphones have an around-the-ear bud to prevent buds from falling out and are sweat-resistant and rain proof. For an extra cost, an upgraded version comes with a mic to take phone calls.

Jaybird-HeadphonesBluetooth Headphones How frustrating—you’re just starting an afternoon jog, and the headphones are already jumbled into a knot. Bluetooth, or wireless, headphones allow you listen to your music without the aggravation of having to untangle any wires. This means that they don’t need to be plugged into your phone, MP3, iPod or any other music player; they’re completely battery operated. Simply sync the headphones with whatever device you use to listen to music with (as long as it’s Bluetooth-enabled, which most recently released smartphones and MP3 players are), and you’re ready to sweat! Although Bluetooth headphones claim to be sweat proof they’re not totally waterproof, so if you’re a big sweater when exercising you’ll want to go a different route with headphones to avoid water damage and dead ear buds.

JayBird X2 Sport Bluetooth Headphones ($179.95) are top-selling Bluetooth headphones on the market, according to tech site PCMag. The JayBird X2 headphones come with SignalPlus, which extends the distance you can be from your music player and eliminates the possibility of your music cutting out from distance restrictions. A brand that’s on the cheaper side (and still a top seller on the market) is Plantronics BackBeat Go 2 ($99.99). Although Bluetooth headphones are pricier than regular headphones, if you’re someone who prefers a hands-free workout, going wireless might be right for you. 

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