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Students from all across the country submitted heartfelt entries to SNA’s National School Breakfast Week 2013 Writing Contest. Children were asked to identify one person they wanted to accompany them for a tasty school breakfast—and what they would eat for the perfect morning meal!

In addition to the three national winners featured in the November 2013 print issue of the magazine,School Nutrition couldn’t resist sharing some of the other creative invitations among the national finalists. The “Be a Star With School Breakfast” campaign was made possible with support from Kellogg’s Food Away From Home.

If I could enjoy a school breakfast with anyone, I would choose Cookie Monster. I would choose Cookie Monster because he needs a leader to teach him healthy eating habits. Eating healthy is important, so you need to learn as soon as possible. Why not teach Cookie Monster good eating habits now?

I would share eggs, bacon and toast with Cookie Monster. I would share these foods with him because most of them are pretty healthy and they taste good too. The point of breakfast is to give you energy for the day to come. I think eggs, bacon and toast gives you energy, is mostly healthy and tastes quite good. It’s important for it to taste good because all Cookie Monster is used to is sweets. It would be dramatic to give him something too healthy for breakfast, or he’ll never want to eat it.
Meredith DePuy, Grade 5, Kentucky

If I could enjoy school breakfast with anyone in the world I would choose Mountain View’s school lunch ladies. I would choose these amazing ladies because every single school day they give me many choices of breakfast and lunch. The best thing about the many choices of food is that they are healthy and delicious. My school’s lunch ladies are the best and I have no doubts about it.

I would share any type of breakfast with these amazing ladies, but if I were only allowed to choose one type of breakfast I would choose the “Breakfast Scramble Bowl.” The “Breakfast Scramble Bowl” is very healthy because it includes a scrambled egg, cheese and potatoes. This amazing breakfast is full of protein and is a great breakfast to share and enjoy with the helpful lunch ladies.
Lesly Castillo, Grade 5, Arizona

I would be inspired to have breakfast with George Washington. It would be amazing to talk to George Washington about how he felt when he was … president. I would like to ask him questions like how did he get passed the army when he missed his family and friends? It would be a pleasure to ask him his favorite foods. I would like George Washington to have breakfast with me because George Washington made a difference in the world. George is as smart as a really smart scientist.

I would love to have whole grain pancakes and healthy scramble eggs, some toast and milk with a apple. We can put some healthy maple syrup on the whole grain pancakes and you know what they say, “Happy cows make happy milk!” I would like to share whole grain pancakes and healthy scramble eggs, some toast and milk with a apple because he inspired the whole world and that’s why I want to have breakfast with George Washington.
Kierah Moodie, Grade 2, Florida

If I could eat with someone, it would be the First Lady. She inspires me to go and be active for at least 60 minutes a day. Also, now we recycle at our home just because Michelle Obama inspires us. She is pretty, nice, loving, and I hope to grow up and be like her someday.

What would I eat for breakfast with Michelle Obama? I would eat fresh blueberries with oatmeal and milk. Why? you ask. Because blueberries are healthy for your heart. Also oatmeal has lots of wheat and oats in it, which is good for you appearance. Last but not least milk because it helps you have strong bones. Mmm, I love milk.
Gabriella Katherine Allen, Grade 5, Texas

I would like to have breakfast with my mom because she passed away when I was a little girl. It would mean everything to me if I could have one more chance to see her and get to have breakfast with her again. This is the special person I want to have breakfast with.

The healthy breakfast that I would share with my Mom is the whole grain Minnie pancakes. The reason why I would share that is because it is whole grain and it is very healthy for you.
Cathy Nguyen, Grade 6, New York

My brother. I would enjoy school breakfast with him because he is currently in the Air Force and I haven’t seen him for almost 2 years now. It would be cool to have breakfast with a actress, but it’s not like having quality time with a family member. So one day when he does come I will surely enjoy a healthy breakfast with him.

I would share a banana and whole wheat pancakes! That used to be our favorite food to share when I was little. He would make them and explain all the nutrients and healthy advantages you get from eating them! Potassium, protein, some essential vitamins, those are just a few of many!
Elizabeth Hattal, Grade 7, Florida

If I could eat school breakfast with anyone in the world, it would be The Rock (Dewayne “The Rock” Johnson)! Why did I pick The Rock? Because he is on wrestling and I think that he is a great wrestler! I just hope that he is not a messy eater because that would be kind of gross and I don’t think the cafeteria ladies would like to clean up after him!

The healthy school breakfast that I would eat would be the mini pancakes with a banana, orange juice, and milk! Why would I pick this healthy school breakfast? Because it is my favorite breakfast here at school! I hope that he likes his breakfast as much as I do! I just really hope he is not a messy eater!
Rande Taylor, Grade 5, Oklahoma

My sister! Ellie has been diagnosed with type one juvenile diabetes. She has made me realize that life isn’t all about candy and grub. Ellie has had such a large impact on me, and the point that you must eat little amounts of sugar. If she eats a lot, she becomes sick and won’t want to interact with friends and family. The only way to control this is by a drug called insulin. This drug controls blood sugar. Diabetes is a condition when the body cannot sustain normal insulin levels. Without insulin, nobody can live.

Breakfast would consist of an egg and cheese omelet, water and whole grain French toast with sugar-free syrup. There are many reasons why I choose these items. Number one is that they are low in sugar, and second, they are low in carbohydrates. Finally, this breakfast is healthy! These foods will keep Ellie happy and healthy all day.
Jacob Brown, Grade 7, Missouri

I would be so joyful if I could eat breakfast with Taylor Swift. Her songs are awesome and I really like her music. If I could really eat with her I would ask her these questions: “How did you become famous?” and “Could you tell me about your childhood?” I would also ask her if she exercised and what was her favorite food? That’s who I would eat with!

If I could have any breakfast with Taylor Swift, I would have whole grain pancakes with maple syrup and fresh grapes. It is very yummy! It is also healthy. It gives you energy which gives you a positive attitude. That is what I’d eat.
Astoria Kindel, Grade 4, Kansas

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