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SNA is providing you with a “sneak peek” into some of the speakers we have lined up for the upcoming School Nutrition Industry Conference (SNIC). Read on for a Q+A with Valia Glytsis.

Join Valia Glytsis, CEO and founder of The Paradox of Leadership, at the closing session at SNA’s School Nutrition Industry Conference (SNIC) January 17-19, 2016, to ensure you take home practical tips and solutions to becoming a successful leader. This interactive session will demystify the elusive concept of personal branding—and, more importantly, why it matters. A brand is so much more than a logo, a tagline, a Linked In profile, a job title, a way of dressing. A personal brand is the anchor of transformational personal and professional leadership. It’s a perpetual and conscious choice of aligning how you see yourself (or want to see yourself!) with how the world sees you. It’s defining what you stand for in a way that truly sets you apart.

In this session, you will learn the Top 5 lessons on personal branding through the lens of a leadership mindset. From discovering what you stand for and declaring your non-negotiables to unraveling the habits that stand in your way and choosing how you respond under stress, we will take a deep-dive to explore the multiple dimensions of branding. You will walk away inspired, stretched, and armed with a very practical toolkit for discovering your own personal leadership brand.

SNA asked Valia a few questions to gain additional insight into her program and background.

Give us a sneak peek about what you have planned for your conference session! How will your talk benefit them in their day-to-day?
The magic of this session is in the curation of the content. There is SO much in the world of personal and professional branding and after a while, it just feels like noise. I find that my clients have a hard time distilling what matters and become paralyzed when it comes to making branding practical and inspiring for their everyday lives. They know it matters, but they just don’t know “how” to do it. In this talk, I’ve distilled down “lessons on leadership branding” from thousands of coaching clients across industry and scope into 5 very practical areas of exploration.

Participants will walk away inspired and energized. They will invest some precious (and luxuriously rare!) time in themselves – thinking about their strengths, their values, and how they want to be known as a leader in their life, holistically. I am a big proponent of people walking out of a session with one or two tangible takeaways – not 100! So, I will invite participants to take the one or two tools that are most relevant for them and make an accountability plan to revisit the work on an on-going basis. My intention is to help participants understand the difference between living their lives and actually leading their lives – it changes everything!

In your opinion, what are the most important trends and issues impacting leadership?
Without a doubt, confidence. You see so many people who were incredible individual contributors put into management and leadership roles without the training or support to be successful. We go from being on top of the world to feeling inadequate, insecure, and oftentimes, like an imposter. Without a deep-dive into confidence – where our stories come from, what mental habits stand in our way, how our behaviors misalign with what matters most – true leadership is not possible.

Describe a little bit about your background.
My mission is to help people lead their most inspired lives. I am an Executive coach, corporate trainer, and keynote speaker serving clients and organizations throughout the world. My firm, The Paradox of Leadership, specializes in inside-out, holistic leadership development. This work is more than a job – it is (not to sound cliché), a calling.

After several degrees from top universities and prestigious jobs, I found myself deeply unhappy (even though on paper, it looked like the perfect life). I had gotten so entrenched in the seduction of people-pleasing that I was living a life for everyone but myself. After a bout of panic attacks that really shook me to my core, I went on a yearlong expedition to rediscover myself. What I learned from this year of going inward cannot be put into words. It changed my life, my purpose, my direction. From that moment in time, I stopped everything I was doing (cold turkey!) and founded my own firm. I wanted to connect with other like-minded people and organizations to help them experience transformation through the paradox of leadership – it all begins within.

My hope is to one day offer this type of personal leadership work (as part of a core curriculum) to schools and universities around the country so that issues of confidence and self-doubt no longer plague our potential and power.

What are you most excited about for the conference?
To see the multiple connections between nutrition and wellness and leadership! I love exploring how different industries experience personal leadership. I’m really looking forward to hearing people’s stories – from their own lives and from the lives that they impact each day in their professional worlds. And selfishly… who wouldn’t enjoy a stimulating day of talks in San Diego sunshine in the middle of January (especially when you are from New York City… brrr!)

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