SNIC Speaker Spotlight – Crossing the Generational Divide: Unlocking Strategic Advantages


SNA is providing you with a “sneak peek” into some of the speakers we have lined up for the upcoming School Nutrition Industry Conference (SNIC). Read on for a Q+A with Curt Steinhorst.

How do you bridge generations among employees and among customers? At SNIC, you will gain the Millennial perspective from Curt Steinhorst, an expert with insights into how our multigenerational workforce can better work together and move forward with thought-provoking, new opportunities in school nutrition.

His personal experiences leading Millennials and serving as a speaking coach for top performers—from business executives and TV personalities to a Heisman Trophy Winner—make him a powerful and his unforgettable message will make you laugh, think and take action.

SNA asked Curt a few questions to gain additional insight into his program and his background.

Give us a sneak peek about what you have planned for your conference session! What can attendees expect?
The exciting thing about generations is that we all experience them - for better and worse - everyday. What I'm going to do is provide a lens to help you understand how they impact the way we work and to help create a framework for you to better communicate and interact across the generational divide.

In your opinion, what are the most important millennial trends and issues that impact the workplace?
We will cover a few trends, but the number one trend people often aren't aware of is parenting. The way that we are raised by our parents is the single greatest indicator of how we will act in the workplace.

Describe a little bit about your background.
My passion has always been for understanding how we communicate. I got started in middle school because of a wonderful teacher who convinced me to try speech and debate when I was sure I was going to be a professional athlete (unfortunately 8th grade was my athletic peak). After graduating from Texas A&M University, I move from representing people to coaching them on speaking. A few years ago I joined The Center for Generational Kinetics and as a certified generational keynote speaker whose clients range from GM and Raytheon to the Naval Academy. A Millennial himself, Steinhorst has a reputation as a leader among this generation. At age 20, he was elected president of his 10,000-member class at Texas A&M University. Since graduating from college he has worked extensively to make the most of generational differences for clients around the world.

What are you most excited about for the conference?
The food of course. Actually, my wife has been very involved in this exact issue and it is really exciting for me to get to take part in something where my professional work connects to something that is personal to me (more on this at the session!).

SNIC 2016 will ensure that you leave sunny San Diego well equipped with new ideas, creative solutions and the enthusiasm to enhance your professional life well after this conference. To register and to learn more, visit Register soon—the regular registration deadline is December 4, 2015.

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