SNA Certificate Helped Luis Angel Morales-Salazar Decide to Become a Child Nutrition Manager


SNA Certificate Allows Luis Angel Morales-Salazar to Enhance Professional Image

What Luis Angel Morales-Salazar Gained From Earning His SNA Certificate:

  • Developed Staff Teamwork
  • Found His Career Path
  • Became a Role Model for His Staff
  • Networked with Foodservice Professionals

The following is the third in a series of news stories highlighting SNA’s Certificate Program. You can also read the first story and second story in the series.

It was only after receiving his SNA Level 1 Certificate in 2013 did Luis Angel Morales-Salazar know he wanted to be child nutrition manager and have a career as a foodservice professional.

Morales-Salazar’s ambition was to become a Latin dance teacher in the Salt Lake City School District. To get his foot in the door, he got a job as a child nutrition tech in the cafeteria, but to work full-time, he needed to earn an SNA Certificate.

“To be honest, at the beginning I did not like foodservice because it was just cooking and serving food,” recalled Morales-Salazar, who in 2016 was his school district’s Manager of the Year, the School Nutrition Association of Utah Manager of the Year and SNA’s Manager of the Year for the West Region.” But once I started going to all those classes to earn my SNA Certificate and network with other managers, that is when I knew I really wanted to become a foodservice professional and learn as much as I could about school nutrition.

“Someone recently asked me what happened to that idea to become a Latin dance teacher. After earning my SNA Level 1 Certificate, I totally forgot about that. I like my job so much, I want to retire in the school district’s Child Nutrition Department.”

The training Morales-Salazar initially received helped him to become a manager at Bryant Middle School and go on to earn his SNA Level 2 Certificate. The conflict management skills he acquired, assisted him to better manage and motivate his eight-person staff.

“With the SNA Certificate classes I took, I learned how to keep my team together, how to be role model, how to fix a problem and to keep my staff happy,” said Morales-Salazar, who started working part time in foodservice at age 16. “I now strive to develop a happy environment inside my kitchen. And if my staff does a good job, I reward them to let them know that I appreciate the work that they do for me. It’s really important to have teamwork in the kitchen.”

Now earning his SNA Level 3 Certificate, Morales-Salazar says he could not have become a successful manager without the training.

“It’s all amazing. I found with the classes I took, I learned something new every single day, which I put to use in the kitchen every single day,” notes Morales-Salazar. “The SNA Certificate training not only helped me learn about nutrition but also how to raise my student participation counts for lunch and breakfast.”

Learn how you can join Luis Angel Morales-Salazar and many foodservice professionals by earning your SNA Certificate. Get started today!

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