SNA Level Certificate Allows Paula Gualtieri to Enhance Her Professional Image


SNA Certificate Allows Paula Gualtieri to Enhance Professional Image

What Paula Gualtieri Gained From Earning Her SNA Certificate:

  • Acquired Confidence
  • Advanced Her Career
  • Created SNA Leadership Opportunities
  • Networked with Foodservice Professionals

The following is the first in a series of news stories highlighting SNA’s Certificate Program.

The most unexpected reward Paula Gualtieri received from earning her SNA Level 1 Certificate in School Nutrition was gaining confidence.

“I was just a stay at home mom,” recalled Gualtieri, cafeteria manager for the past six years at Canyon Park Junior High School in Bothell, Washington. “After being an executive secretary and not working for a number of years, suddenly I felt like I lost my skill level. Getting my SNA certificate, I got my confidence back so I now could talk to a parent or a principal about what we are serving, why it is a healthy meal and handle myself professionally around them.”

Employed in the kitchen in the Northshore School District, it was her manager who suggested that she earn an SNA Certificate.

“She encouraged me, so I decided to go out there and do it,” said Gualtieri, who would use the knowledge she gained from Continuing Education Units (CEUs) in nutrition and food safety and sanitation, to first become assistant kitchen manager, before eventually hired in 2013 as cafeteria manager.

Networking with other classmates seeking to earn a certificate was what encouraged Gualtieri to not only initially acquire SNA Level 1 but to renew every year since.

“Earning the certificate allowed me to continue to grow, learn and meet people,” she notes. “Through training sessions, I also started meeting more and more SNA members and they kept encouraging me along the way. So, every time I went into a different workshop or seminar, I would walk away with one, ‘aha moment.’”

As president-elect of the Washington State School Nutrition Association, Gualtieri found that she was very happy with her SNA Level 1 Certificate and would encourage co-workers to do the same.

“I would definitely say having an SNA Certificate keeps you continuing to learn and I think our group of dedicated individuals in foodservice need that to continue to grow with confidence,” she concluded. “I manage five people in the kitchen and some have college degrees and some don’t, and some took the job because like me they have kids at home, but whatever your background or situation, an SNA Certificate – whatever level – is a great avenue for individuals to learn about the foodservice profession.”

Learn how you can join Paula Gualtieri and many foodservice professionals by earning your SNA Certificate. Get started today!

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