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Conflict is ever present and can be bewitching and irritating. It happens at work, between groups in our society, within families, and right in the middle of our most personal relationships. Today, the challenges of dealing with conflict have never been more profound, and when you started working at your place of employment, you likely didn’t receive a manual on how to resolve issues with either your co-workers or your staff. In School Nutrition’s February 2017 issue, you will learn as a supervisor; how to see conflicts coming, learn productive responses, get more cooperation from your employees, help resolve disputes and keep interpersonal conflicts from spreading to other parts of the cafeteria. And as an employee, you will learn how to get along better with your fellow employees and your supervisor.

Keeping the Peace: Two people can’t expect to agree on everything all of time. But, learning how to deal with conflict, rather than avoid it, is critical. Understanding that employment at a school cafeteria attracts men and women of all cultures, ages, and sizes, this article focuses on how each member of the team can play a pivotal part in the resolution of conflict in the workplace. Providing individual scenarios dealing with professional envy, personality clash, the new boss and the generation mix, SN readers will come away with a greater understanding of how to deal with a conflict.

Mean Girls (and Guys): People have different points of view and, under the right set of circumstances, those can escalate into conflict. Say you have a “bad apple in the barrel,” how you recognize and handle those individuals may determine the success or demise of your workplace and the teamwork you have created. This article examines the grumblers, whiners, and rabble rousers that may exist in your workplace and successful strategies to deal with them. Plus, understanding the value of self-reflection in conflict management.

The Ladies Who Lunch: Power, Empowerment and Mentorship in the School Cafeteria: There are arguably differences in how females and males deal with conflict in the workplace. In a female-dominated profession, can men and women resolve their conflict without it turning into a ‘battle of the sexes?” Ultimately, how conflict is handled becomes part of a cafeteria’s culture. With interviews from several experts in the field, this article examines the role of women as effective leaders and concluding, that direct conflict can be disabled, if approached in a respectful and professional way.

Also in this issue:
The wonderful world of nuts—almonds, walnuts, pecans, cashews, pistachios and more—is in this month’s Food Focus. Ideas at Work explores Tapping Your Local Culinary Community and the To Your Credit column focuses on suggestions to help raise awareness and participation for your summer lunch program. Plus, an exclusive interview with Jason Smith, winner of Food Network’s Season 3 Holiday Baking Championship.

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