No Matter How Much Experience She Has, Lexi Edwards Still Finds SNA Certificate Valuable


Lexi Edwards Finds SNA Certificate Valuable

What Lexi Edwards Gained From Earning Her SNA Certificate:

  • Greater Understanding of Foodservice
  • Provides a Refresher Course
  • Made Her Better at Her Job
  • Developed Teamwork

The following is the fourth in a series of news stories highlighting SNA’s Certificate Program. You can also read the first story, second story and third story in the series.

After working almost 20 years as a manager with Red Lobster and Olive Garden restaurants, one would think there is nothing Lexi Edwards did not know or need to learn about foodservice. Or is there?

Employed part-time as a prep assistant since April 2016 at Pleasant Lea Elementary School in Lee Summit, Missouri, Edwards found it immensely valuable to have the knowledge and training an SNA Certificate provides for her job.

“I have one kid in elementary school and one in middle school myself, and it is important for me to understand how we prepare the food for the students and the types of foods that we serve,” said Edwards, who earned her SNA Certificate in September 2016. “Working in the cafeteria is a lot like working in a restaurant. I stock and clean the self-service salad bar, I get the steamed and hot vegetables ready, I wash and cut the fresh or whole fruit, I make the Jell-O, I wash dishes, I cashier and sometimes I fill in for the cook if she needs a day off or somebody is sick. Most importantly, we monitor food quality, safety and ensure the kids have plenty of healthy choices.

“I may have quite a bit of restaurant experience and am pretty familiar with the kitchen environment, but the SNA Certificate program gave a better understanding of how and what we feed our kids.”

Originally encouraged to earn a SNA Level 1 Certificate by her manager, Edwards found the knowledge gained important enough, she is now planning to earn a SNA Level 2 Certificate in the near future.

“Even if some of the information is something that you think you already know, the training is really a great review and refresher course,” notes Edwards, who is considering a career as a nutrition manager. “There is still a lot to learn.

“I work in a kitchen with people that started with varying skill levels and experience. The SNA Certification Program helps everyone align on Food Safety, Sanitation, and the General Operations of a kitchen. With the knowledge and skills learned we can better work together as a team and be more successful.”

Learn how you can join Lexi Edwards and many foodservice professionals by earning your SNA Certificate. Get started today!

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