Earning an SNA Certificate, Allowed Tammy Posey to Take Her Career to the Next Level


SNA Certificate Allows Tammy Posey to Enhance Professional Image

What Tammy Posey Gained From Earning Her SNA Certificate:

  • Greater Nutritional Knowledge
  • Improved Management Skills
  • Made Her Better at Her Job
  • Better Understanding of USDA Regulations

The following is the second in a series of news stories highlighting SNA’s Certificate Program. You can read the first story in the series here.

Tammy Posey has a simple message for anyone who wants to become a foodservice manager or director, you need an SNA Certificate in School Nutrition to be able to run a proper and efficient kitchen.

“I came a long way. I started as a cook and worked myself up to where I am today,” said Posey, cafeteria manager for the past five years at Peterson Elementary School in Weston, West Virginia. “An SNA Certificate has made me better at my job.

“One of my co-workers recently asked me about earning an SNA Certificate and wanted to know if she should do it. And I said, ‘Yes, if you want to gain the experience and the knowledge in the areas of nutrition, operations, administration, communications and marketing and USDA guidelines, then earning a certificate is essential.’ It even helped me to know how to conduct myself in the kitchen if a problem arose, and how best to handle that without flying off the handle and getting mad.”

Currently vice president of the West Virginia School Nutrition Association, Posey is proud of the fact that her knowledge and training with an SNA Certificate has allowed her to contribute to school nutrition in Lewis County.

“Before earning my certificate, there was so much that I did not know about many issues ranging from USDA guidelines to nutrition,” stressed Posey, who was recognized with SNA's 2016 Manager of the Year award for her state. “Having a better knowledge and understanding of USDA standards has helped me a great deal in the kitchen.”

Posey said the reason she went on to earn a Level 3 SNA Certificate was because it helped her to be more knowledgeable about school nutrition.

“While earning my Certificate, I learned about the importance of children developing strong bones,” recanted Posey. “The knowledge and training I received made me feel really comfortable and gave me the confidence to talk to my 3rd and 4th grade students about getting enough Vitamin D in their diet to maintain healthy bones.”

She concluded, “There are some who might say, ‘What is in an SNA Certificate for me?’ And what is in it for me, is that it has given me the knowledge to help provide healthy meals to the children in my county.”

Learn how you can join Tammy Posey and many other foodservice professionals by earning your SNA Certificate. Get started today!

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