Nationally Renowned Speaker Dave Weber Helps Discover the Leader in You


SNA's 2017 Annual National Conference (ANC)

The following is the thirteenth in a series of news stories exploring the exciting opportunities and events at ANC.

What skills and attitudes do you think all successful people and leaders strive towards and master, in order to positively impact the world around them? Dave Weber wants to challenge what you think the traditional paradigm of leadership is.

“For decades, leadership has always revolved around things like title, authority or responsibility,” says Weber, who will be presenting the Richard B. Russell Leadership Series session, Leadership Redefined: The 12 X’s of Success for Today’s Leader at SNA’s Annual National Conference (ANC).“Well, that is a pretty decent way to identify a leader, but in my opinion, today there is another one that is equally if not more so impactful. And that is leadership is also about influence because that is what you are wielding in your work environment.”

In a fun, high energy and interactive session, Weber will share with you twelve different leadership strategies, each beginning with the letter X; such as Xtract a dream, Xamine everything and Xtend a helping hand. Redefined from his best-selling book of the same name he wrote in 2012, the twelve simple strategies are ones Weber believes you can easily implement, to help you intentionally increase the influence that you have, to bring about more positive outcomes both professionally and in your personal life.

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The Richard B. Russell Leadership Series (through the School Nutrition Foundation) was established in 2010 by Georgia SNA in memory of Senator Richard B. Russell, who was a passionate advocate of school nutrition programs. In fact, when originally passed by Congress, the school lunch program was known as the Richard B. Russell National School Lunch Act of 1946. This year, the Leadership Series honors three SNA past presidents from the state of Georgia: Josephine Martin, Mary Nix and Nancy Rice.

“Who is a leader,” asks Weber, who recently spoke on April 21, at the Georgia School Nutrition Association’s Annual Conference at Jekyll Island. “Well, every single person in the audience is a leader. You could be a leader in your home, you could be a leader in your church, or you could be a leader in their neighborhood. We all have leadership potential because we can influence what is going on around us.”

By way of example, he went on to explain, “I can take you to any school kitchen all across the country and introduce you to the manager, assistant manager, or director of the entire district. I could then introduce you to two ladies in the back of the kitchen, who don’t really have any title, any authority, or any responsibility. But these two ladies are completely driving the culture of the kitchen, good or bad because of the influence they wield. So, what I want to do in this session is help people understand that leadership is not just a title or authority or responsibility, but leadership is really also about influence.”

Weber who considers himself a humorist as well as a professional learning speaker, wants you to come to this session expecting to have a good time and to have fun.

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“With this leadership session, I really try to bring great, powerful content that really can change a person’s attitude, perceptions and behaviors,” says Weber, who rarely stays on the stage but rather, interacts with the audience throughout his presentation. “But yet, share these truths in such a way, that people are laughing while they learn these life-changing truths.

“And so, I would like to encourage folks who are thinking of attending, that of all the sessions [at ANC] they have the opportunity to go to, this one is going to be both fun, engaging and potentially life-changing for them and their foodservice teams.”

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