SNA Certificate Program – New Bridge Level

Why a new level? Why now?

SNA’s Certificate in School Nutrition program currently offers 3 levels for school nutrition professionals to complete, with a majority at Level 1.

In 2015, SNA made changes to the certificate program requirements to more closely align the program with USDA Professional Standards annual training requirements.

Given that Professional Standards now requires annual training, SNA began exploring ways for members to have a more realistic professional development growth path and help them strive toward continued education and experiences.

With the current levels, moving from Level 1 to Level 2 represents a big jump (70 hours).

The new Level 2 will require less hours (46 hours) than the current Level 2 requirement of 86 hours. This represents a more realistic growth opportunity for members with a Level 1 certificate, who would like to continue their professional development.

I have a Certificate now—what does this mean for me?

⇨ LEVEL 1: No changes. But consider moving up to Level 2!
⇨ OLD LEVELS 2 and 3: Automatic transition to the new Level name.

If you previously had a Level 2 or Level 3 certificate, your certificate has been renamed Level 3 and Level 4 respectively. This is a name change only and does not impact your renewal requirements. You can download your updated certificate and verification letter from

I am interested in moving up to Level 2, what do I do next?

Take the required training and then apply! If you are moving from Level 1 to the New Level 2 the requirements are:

  1. 6 hours in Key Area 1 – Nutrition
  2. 6 hours in Key Area 2 – Operations
  3. 6 hours in Key Area 3 – Administration
  4. 6 hours in Key Area 4 – Communications & Marketing
  5. 6 hours General Electives in any of the four key areas
  6. High School Diploma or GED

Documents used to meet the initial certificate program level cannot be used to move up to another level and certificates of completion cannot date back more than five years.  

What are the application fees?

The initial application fees for the New Level 2 are $20.00 for SNA members and $67.00 for non-members.

I still have questions!
More detailed information about the bridge level will be posted here as it becomes available, but if you still have questions please contact our Certificate Team at

Available for download:  

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