2014 Governing Council Nomination – Candidate Submissions

Below are the 2014 submissions for the position of School Nutrition Practitioner and School Nutrition Administrator. Please be sure to review each candidate’s application and resume. You will receive via email an e-ballot. Once you receive the ballot, please be sure to select your preferred candidate(s) for each position.

Make sure to bring your completed ballot with you to the ANC Governing Council Meeting. The Council will make the decision on filling both positions listed below at the conference.

If you are not able to attend ANC, please forward your ballot no later than 1:00 pm Eastern on July 11th to: shall@schoolnutrition.org.

Applicants for the School Nutrition Practitioner Position

  1. Beth Rice Part 1
    Beth Rice Part 2
  2. Beth Wallace
  3. Gary Childress Part 1
    Gary Childress Part 2
  4. Holly Frias
  5. Janelle Peterson Part 1
    Janelle Peterson Part 2
  6. Janice King Part 1
    Janice King Part 2
  7. Jeanne Pierce
  8. Jenna Kaczmarski Part 1
    Jenna Kaczmarski Part 2
    Jenna Kaczmarski Part 3
  9. Jill Vincent
  10. Jodi Batten
  11. Judi Reynolds
  12. Kathleen Glindmeier Part 1
    Kathleen Glindmeier Part 2
  13. Krista Neal Part 1
    Krista Neal Part 2
  14. Linda Sweeney
  15. Lori Adkins Part 1
    Lori Adkins Part 2
  16. Melissa Anderson
  17. Monica Deines-Henderson Part 1
    Monica Deines-Henderson Part 2
  18. Nicole James Part 1
    Nicole James Part 2
  19. Rachelle Sherrin
  20. Sandra Ford
  21. Sonja Anthony
  22. Stephanie Walker Hynes Part 1
    Stephanie Walker Hynes Part 2
  23. Valerie Hansen Part 1
    Valerie Hansen Part 2
  24. Victoria Moore Part 1
    Victoria Moore Part 2

Applicants for the School Nutrition Administrator Position

  1. Beth Rice Part 1
    Beth Rice Part 2
  2. Jamie Phillips Part 1
    Jamie Phillips Part 2
  3. Krista Neal Part 1
    Krista Neal Part 2
  4. Linette Dodson Part 1
    Linette Dodson Part 2
  5. Lori Adkins Part 1
    Lori Adkins Part 2
  6. Nancy Sitler Part 1
    Nancy Sitler Part 2

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