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ROUNDTABLE SESSION: Maximizing USDA Foods in Your Breakfast, Supper & Summer Meal Programs
Join us to discuss how to successfully maximize your program entitlements and utilize USDA Foods to enhance your breakfast, summer and supper meals programs.

Did you know that Planned Assistance Level (PAL) and entitlement represent 20 percent of your menu costs? This session will explain all of the factors which affect your PAL during the year, and this knowledge will enable you to maximize the utilization of your PAL moving forward.


ROUNDTABLE SESSION: Community Eligibility Provision- The Challenges of Change
Join this session to share challenges and successes of implementing Community Eligibility Provision (CEP) at the state and local levels. Successes from around the country as well as tools for positive educational change will be shared.

TUESDAY 10:00 AM–11:00 AM


Food Allergies: A Review of State and Federal Level Support
This training program will explore why collaboration and cooperation are key to managing food allergies in schools. Attendees will explore the resources available at the state and federal level, and leave with a better understanding of food allergies. Plus, you will gain more confidence in using the state and federal resources available to navigate the allergy challenge in your district.


Offer vs. Serve: Identifying a Reimbursable Meal
Remember when it was easy to identify the five meal components and it only required three of the five components to be chosen? Offer vs. Serve has a new meaning! This session will help you understand how to interpret OVS, why students must take certain components and help you correctly determine what constitutes a reimbursable meal.


Maximize Your Minutes with Smart Work Scheduling!
Time seems to be the thing we want more of, but can never manage to find. Smart work scheduling is the answer! De-stress your kitchen by learning how to avoid the five most common time thieves, identifying the key elements of an effective work schedule and finding time in the workday in the most unexpected places.

There's A Coach Leading Every Great Team - Is it YOU?
Are you getting the very best out of your team? By applying coaching techniques, you can transform your staff into a winning team that increases “fan” participation and takes the team from good to GREAT!


Interviewing & Marketing Techniques for Job Advancement
Find out how to sell yourself! Obtain the techniques needed to successfully prepare, present with confidence and market your strengths during a job interview. Understand the importance of also marketing yourself after the interview and why it’s critical to maintain a positive attitude and strong work ethic even if you are not selected for a job promotion.

The Magic Kingdom-The Cafeteria
Join popular SNA speaker, Maureen G. Mulvaney, known as “MGM,” as she explains that while Disneyland has an often used nickname, school nutrition is the true “MAGIC KINGDOM!” Attendees will find out why their school cafeteria is saving the meal at a time. Discover how to engage, energize and electrify your community to become your school nutrition partner. Plus, learn how to create magical experiences for your customers—the kids!

NUDGE Marketing...and the New Regs!
School nutrition employees have a tremendous, largely untapped power to encourage kids towards the healthier options we serve. How? With a little NUDGE! Discover how “nudge marketing” encompasses the way we present various options and communicate with our customers to have a significant impact on the food choices they make. This session will use the roll-out of the new regulations over the last two school years as an example of how to utilize effective messaging to “nudge” customers in the right direction.

Make Your Lunchroom Smarter!
Smarter Lunchrooms integrates behavioral economics with food marketing techniques to trigger students to consume healthier foods. Strategies implemented in the school cafeteria “nudge” students to choose healthier items. Learn a successful process for incorporating Smarter Lunchroom strategies to encourage healthy eating while increasing participation and measuring success through plate waste and student meal participation data collection.

TUESDAY 2:15 PM–3:15 PM


Food Science: A Menu Development and Education Tool
Join this session to learn how different fat types, whole grains, sugar, salt and other sodium contributors are functioning in the foods on your menu. Participants will be able to use information to educate students on the foods they are eating.

ROUNDTABLE SESSION: Harvesting Best Practices from the School Garden
Does your school have a garden? Are you thinking of starting a school garden? School gardens have successfully contributed to meeting the new meal pattern. They have also been used as a nutrition education tool and can serve as a marketing tool for your meal programs. Join this training program for ideas to connect your school gardens to school meals and take home a school garden food safety checklist.

The Registered Dietitian and the Chef
Come learn how a Registered Dietitian and a Chef can partner for success in school nutrition. Topics include goal planning, menu development, procurement, working with Industry to create new products, marketing and student nutrition education.

Experiential Nutrition Education: Promoting Healthy Habits
Discover how schools can employ fun, educational activities—like taste tests, school gardens and farm tours to advance child nutrition. Attendees will be given fact sheets, toolkits and real-world examples from across the country on how to successfully implement experiential nutrition education in order to promote healthy eating habits.

ROUNDTABLE SESSION: Getting the Biggest Bang for your USDA Foods Buck
This session will cover resources, strategies and ideas on how schools can maximize their USDA Foods entitlement, determine which USDA Foods would be the best value for their program and how to fully utilize their USDA Foods inventory, in house and at processors.


Simplify "Smart Snacks" with Reimbursable Meals
Secondary programs can only survive with a la carte revenue, right? Have your a la carte sales plummeted after implementation of USDA’s Smart Snacks Rule? By marketing reimbursable meals in a creative way, you can diminish or eliminate a la carte sales, greatly simplify the implementation of the Smart Snacks Rule and grow your secondary programs.


Optimize your Kitchen Layout and Design
Does it feel like your kitchen layout and kitchen equipment are working against you rather than for you? Learn how some innovative menus can free up your oven space and give time back to your employees. Plus, see where to put your limited funds to get the most bang for your buck when it comes to both small and large equipment.

Energize Your Team with STEPS!
How do you create a healthier work environment for your co-workers and yourself? You can use the STEPS Challenge as a model to foster wellness among your staff members. STEPS rewards participants for making small, achievable lifestyle changes that can add up to make a big difference. Attend this session to learn how to get your school nutrition team participating and embracing a healthier lifestyle!

ROUNDTABLE SESSION: Making the Most of Summer’s Bounty in the Summer Food Service Program (SFSP)
Discover why the Summer Food Service Program (SFSP) and Farm to School are the perfect match! In many regions, summer is the season for the nation’s bounty. Yet it’s also a time of year when many children are left hungry without the promise of a meal at school. Learn how to make the match and provide fresh, healthy and local food to needy children in your area.

I Think I'm Allergic to NUTS! Learning to Work Productively with the People Who Drive You Crazy
In school nutrition, one of the best parts of your job is probably that you get to work with people. However, speaker Jeff Joiner will explain that one of the worst parts of your job might be that you have to work with people! And while you may not have control over who you work with, you do have control over how skilled you are willing to become in dealing with difficult people.


RECALL! PR Crisis Management for CN Programs
Word spreads of a national recall at a large meat packing plant, and Jamie Oliver makes a big splash targeting school meals. “Pink Slime” enters the national conversation. When these PR crises materialized, how did your office respond? This education opportunity uses examples from recent history to create a template for PR crisis management that will assist school nutrition professionals the next time there is a crisis. And there will be a next time!

The Smarter Lunchrooms Movement: A National Movement with Local Impact
Hear from the Smarter Lunchroom experts from Cornell! This session will highlight the growth and expansion of the Smarter Lunchrooms Movement (SLM) across the USA. Find out about various ways SLM will appear in the National School Lunch Program (NSLP) and school wellness policies while also highlighting successful methods for incorporating best practices into your schools’ future. Leave with the latest tools you can use to help make your lunchroom even smarter.

Digital Menu Boards: Real World Implementation
Pasco County (Florida) School’s Food and Nutrition Services undertook a project to innovate in 35 school sites by implementing digital signage. This session will present information about strategic planning, early implementation, and daily execution and will answer any questions you have about working on a digital menu board project!

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