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Makin' Nutrition What You're Dishin’
In this interactive training session, participants will be introduced to the idea of how to write a “target menu.” The presentation will include examples and interactive small group exercises. Discussions will focus on the art of healthy eating messages, and you’ll discover effective ways to encourage students and staff to choose healthy options first.


ROUNDTABLE SESSION: Keys to Excellence
Use the SNA Keys to Excellence data dashboard as a tool to evaluate your program’s strength and areas for improvement, compare your program’s performance with other districts, identify and develop Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and prepare for the 3 year administrative review process.


The Time-Motion Economy Warp
Preparation and service of hundreds or more meals each day is challenging! As program administrators struggle to manage labor costs and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), nutrition staff lacks time to complete the many tasks necessary to provide safely prepared meals to students. Find out how to “work smarter, not harder” to avoid the time-motion economy warp!

First Timers Session
Is this your first time attending ANC? If so, this information gathering session will guide you in the right direction in order to make the most out of the conference. Join ANC 2015 Chair, Renee Hanks and Co-chair Mark Chavez as they provide a rundown of the highlights and events to participate in this year. Get your who, what, when, where and whys answered for ANC!

SUNDAY 1:00 PM–2:00 PM


Meal Pattern & Smart Snacks Success
Come join this session to share the challenges and success stories of continuing compliance with the ever-changing meal pattern and implementation of the Smart Snacks standards. Discover how to successfully implement change and share best practices for menu planning; including pre-costing menus, forecasting and ways to increase participation.

What's Shaking? – Creative Ways to Boost Flavor with Less Sodium 
This discussion will focus on the new sodium targets for the National School Lunch Program (NSLP). A panel will present individual case studies on how they designed their menus to meet the new sodium targets while maintaining or improving program participation rates.

Implementing Smart Snacks
This session will provide an overview of any implementation issues and solutions developed as well as a district perspective of how Smart Snacks has operated in their district.

Grab & Go Breakfast: Successes and Challenges
Currently the Project BreakFAST intervention is working to expand and promote the School Breakfast Program in 16 rural Minnesota schools and test its impact on students. Discover the major challenges faced by schools in implementing the grab and go breakfast as well as the collaborative solutions developed to address these challenges. Student data and preliminary results will be shared.


Farm to Fork: Food Safety Local Produce
USDA experts will teach you how to bring farm to fork with food safety in mind. Discover how good agricultural practices, good manufacturing practices and liability insurance apply to suppliers of fresh and fresh-cut produce, and determine which food safety requirements to include in procurement specifications.


Navigating Professional Standards (Repeats on Wednesday)
Join representatives from SNA’s Education Committee and Certificate & Credentialing Governing Council to gain ideas, tips and insights for how to navigate the professional standards requirements effective July 1. You’ll also find out how SNA’s professional development programs are aligned to help you meet continuing education requirements for professional standards.

ROUNDTABLE SESSION: Community Eligibility Provision - How it Worked in my District
Are you considering starting the Community Eligibility Provision (CEP)? In this session, an overview of CEP will be provided together with explanations of what worked (and what didn’t) when districts began CEP. Share best practices in working with Title I, gathering Identified Student Percentage (ISP) data, determining what’s best (school, district-wide or a group of schools) and providing outreach data to the State.

Simple Solutions for Dealing with Difficult People
This insightful session, delivered by popular speaker Bart Christian, is designed to help the audience recognize non-productive habits and actions in others as well as in themselves. Discussions will cover individual purpose, personal strategies and things that are just not worth the fight. You’ll be able to turn around even the most difficult situations and people!

2015 Legislative Update (Repeats on Monday)
Join us for the 2015 Legislative Update which will provide you with the latest information regarding SNA’s legislative activities and plans for Child Nutrition Reauthorization 2015. SNA’s advocacy team and Public Policy and Legislation Committee Chair will share what’s new and what’s on the horizon. (Not applicable towards USDA Professional Standards Topics)

ROUNDTABLE SESSION: What You Need to Know about the Administrative Review
USDA speakers will introduce attendees to the Administrative Review Process. Discussions will focus on the Federal requirements of Administrative Reviews using the unified approach required by the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010.

Building a Financially Sustainable Meal Program
This session offers tips and techniques to decrease loss, increase revenue and keep your program on solid financial footing. Topics will include procurement, financial management and expanding services offered to increase your revenue.


ROUNDTABLE SESSION: Nutrition Hubs for Children
Hear how your school can be a nutrition hub while effectively implementing federal meals programs. Discussions will focus on strategies for executing and promoting alternative breakfast models, and school-based summer and afterschool meals programs, as well as the successes and challenges when implementing these programs. Bring your questions to discuss real, tangible next steps that can be taken to feed more meals to more kids in schools.

Richard B. Russell Leadership Series

Leadership: Is Not Acquired, It Is Earned!
Sunday, July 12, 2015, 1:00 pm-2:00 pm
Speaker: Senator Nancy F. Stiles

Regardless of what you do in life the opportunity to lead is always there. How you choose to lead and how effective you are in a leadership position depends on you!

Being a leader is not acquired, but is earned through the ability to communicate effectively, understand the issues and apply them with integrity while being sure that the decisions you make help benefit the majority.

Senator Nancy Stiles is as inspiring and real as any leadership presenter you will hear. Stiles is “one of us,” starting her career in school nutrition and using her leadership abilities to build a successful program within her community. She has excelled within the state and national School Nutrition Association and has become a well-respected leader with vision and common sense.

After 30 years in school nutrition, Stiles retired and successfully sought political office in the New Hampshire House of Representatives and State Senate gaining key leadership positions in both Houses applying those simple qualities of vision and common sense!

The Richard B. Russell Leadership Series (through the School Nutrition Foundation) was established in 2010 by Georgia SNA in memory of Senator Richard B. Russell. Senator Russell was a passionate leader in school nutrition programs from the very beginning when Congress authorized the school lunch program known as the Richard B. Russell National School Lunch Act of 1946. The Leadership Series honors three SNA past presidents from the state of Georgia: Josephine Martin, Mary Nix and Nancy Rice.  

SUNDAY 2:15 PM–3:15 PM


A Picture Tells 100 Words - Una Imagen Dice 100 Palabras
This session will empower cafeteria staff that use Spanish as a primary language to learn about school meals and nutrition using pictures…the international language! This interactive session will help attendees better understand reimbursable meals while also acquiring basic English to read labels, recipes and instructions. It will be taught in both English and Spanish.

#SuperTracker=SuperSchools: Recipe Analysis, Worksite Wellness, Lesson Plans
USDA’s SuperTracker is a free tool that can be used to improve health and nutrition in the classroom, at home, in the kitchen and the cafeteria. Come to this session to learn how USDA’s SuperTracker can be used for recipe analysis, worksite wellness promotion, personal food and physical activity tracking and classroom lessons. USDA’s SuperTracker can be a lifetime “super” tool for both your professional and personal life!

Value Pass Thru Methods
By law, schools must receive full value of their USDA Foods entitlement dollars. There are several Value Pass Thru Methods approved. Understanding these methods and managing them is critical to your financial success and fiscal responsibility.


Food Safety: Cultivating a Values Approach
Food safety begins with the School Nutrition Program, but extends to the full school environment. This session will explore creating a value-based food safety approach that encompasses the cafeteria, classroom, board room, and beyond.

Procurement Training
This session, presented by USDA, will focus on the Federal procurement regulations required to ensure competition in the procurement of products and services in an effective manner and in compliance with the provisions of applicable Federal statutes and executive orders. The Food Buying Guide will also be included and discussed.

Serving Healthy School Meals: Training Needs
Learn about the findings of The Pew Charitable Trusts’ Kitchen, Infrastructure, and Training for Schools (KITS) study, which focuses on school foodservice staff development and training needs. The session will address barriers to training and innovative strategies for boosting successful training programs.

ROUNDTABLE SESSION: Determining your Smart Snacks
An overview of the requirements with a focus on the use of the Smart Snacks calculator and navigator to determine if various products meet the standards.


Make Every Food $$ Count by Minimizing Food Waste
School nutrition employees strive to make every food dollar count toward their bottom line and to become more sustainable by reducing waste. Gain insight for practical ways to control food costs in your schools while maintaining food safety through the use of techniques such as good purchasing and inventory practices, proper cooling methods and time and temperature control.

Professional Standards for School Nutrition are Here: Are You Ready? (Repeats on Monday)
In this session, USDA presenters will review Professional Standards (Section 306 of the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010) and explain the components of the final rule. Additionally, the specific requirements for State Agency directors, school nutrition district directors and other school nutrition employees will be reviewed.


Your Online Brand: #SocialMedia Do’s and Don'ts
A strong social media presence (aka brand) is essential for success in today’s digital world. Join #SocialMedia guru Dayle Hayes (School Meals That Rock) as she shares hot tips on growing a positive online presence with multiple benefits for both your school nutrition program and your professional career. Bring your Smartphone or tablet for a hands-on learning experience and get ready to upgrade your #SocialMedia skills!

ROUNDTABLE SESSION: Outspoken Advocate Groups: Friend or Foe?
Does this sound familiar? Engaged parents view a questionable food documentary and become passionate about changing school food. They form a group and approach district officials with a determined “failure is not an option” attitude. We’ve all been there, right? Rather than battle the enemy, Park City (Utah) School District embraced its determined efforts. Join us to discover that with lots of education and communication, a nutrition program can leverage outspoken parents into your raving fans!

Tastings with a Twist!
Yes, you have done sampling/tastings, but what about a “GREENBEAN RAP CONTEST TASTING?” Find out how to expose healthy foods, a variety of flavors and healthy food preparations to children by making it a celebration. Find out why it is important for students to try new Smart Snacks in a fun and familiar environment where they feel comfortable. Attendees will also discover how to coordinate school-wide healthy simple nutrition messages and have the tasting complement other physical/nutrition education programs.

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