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ROUNDTABLE SESSION: Be the Next Dream Team!
Have you thought about partnering with a colleague from a neighboring district to team up and run a much bigger school nutrition program nearby? Join two dynamic school nutrition directors who left long-time districts to do just that. Learn the why and the how such a move can reenergize your career, as you review NFSMI’s Competencies, Knowledge & Skills tool to help you work together and become a true dream team!

Turning Your Students into Super Food Testers
Keep veggies out of the trash cans and increase consumption by encouraging students to be “Super Food Testers.” Learn how to successfully implement a branded sampling program to allow students opportunities to taste different fruit and vegetable recipes while providing nutrition education. You’ll also find out how to develop an implementation plan to increase fruit and vegetable consumption and keep students excited about school lunch!

What’s New with USDA Foods?
Learn about new USDA Foods available for the upcoming school year and what new items are on the horizon. Experts will provide an overview about the current agricultural market trends and anomalies and the impact on order fulfillment. Understand how to manage entitlement in uncertain times and still use USDA Foods to meet the requirements.


HazCom, Pictograms, SDS, GHS – Oh My!
Follow the yellow brick road to find out about the new OSHA Hazard Communication Standard. Are you compliant as of June 1, 2015? What do you need to have in place by June 1, 2016? This session will take you through the requirements, provide an implementation toolkit to ensure your kitchens and employees are compliant and give you the courage of the lion to tackle this regulatory challenge.

Procurement Ethics
Procurement for school foodservice is governed by very prescriptive regulations. Understanding the rules helps buyers avoid costly pitfalls. This interactive session reviews the regulations in a friendly, accessible way, with real world examples.


Lessons Learned from Breakfast in the Classroom - Part I
Hear from the Partners for Breakfast in the Classroom (Food Research and Action Center, School Nutrition Foundation, National Education Association) and operators about best practices and strategies to expand breakfast participation with Breakfast in the Classroom. Learn about possible opportunities in your state for funding Breakfast in the Classroom programs in high free and reduced schools and school districts.

Professional Standards for School Nutrition are Here: Are You Ready? (Repeat)
In this session, USDA presenters will review Professional Standards (Section 306 of the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010) and explain the components of the final rule. Additionally, the specific requirements for State Agency directors, school nutrition district directors and other school nutrition employees will be reviewed.

2015 Legislative Update (Repeat)
Join us for the 2015 Legislative Update which will provide you with the latest information regarding SNA’s legislative activities and plans for Child Nutrition Reauthorization 2015. SNA’s advocacy team and Public Policy and Legislation Committee Chair will share what’s new and what’s on the horizon.

ROUNDTABLE SESSION: Build the Next Generation of School Nutrition Professionals
Build the next generation of school nutrition professionals by developing collaborations between school nutrition programs and universities. Learn about partnerships with university dietetic internships and SNA’s School Nutrition Specialist (SNS) internship program. This session will walk you through the process from setting up an internship program to measuring the success of your efforts.


Marketing to Kids, Community & Elected Officials
Marketing is a Must! It is also a learned skill. Learn how to market your program to kids, community, and Congress! Learn to develop strategic partnerships to put your program on the fast track to success!

Toot Your Own Horn: How to Promote Your Program in 3 Simple Steps
With updated school nutrition standards and wellness policies now a part of the school environment, it can seem overwhelming to keep up, let alone communicate about all of your good work! Learn how you can embrace the new changes and convert requirements into a positive marketing and communications campaign to increase support for your nutrition program.

Case Studies on the Lunch Aide: Do they Drive or Deter Participation?
Did you know that lunch aides can play an important role in the success of your program? Hear the details of a new case study conducted by PhDs and researchers to evaluate the potential value of a kind, nurturing and encouraging lunch aide. The results were astounding! Additionally, you’ll be introduced to easy ideas lunch aides can use to drive participation.

Understanding Millennial Moms: Your Future Customer
Millennial Moms have a different way of thinking about the world, including school nutrition. Their information gathering, decision-making and purchase behaviors vary from previous generations. The good news is that ongoing trends in school nutrition align closely with the values and priorities of the Millennial Mom. In this training program, you’ll learn that the trick is bridging the communications gap. You’ll gain insightful, low cost and actionable ideas that your school nutrition program can incorporate.

MONDAY 3:30 PM–4:30 PM


ROUNDTABLE SESSION: Secrets to Successful Grab-n-Go
Implementing a Grab and Go program can increase revenue and participation while satisfying student demands. The right equipment can be your solution for multiple programs such as Breakfast to Go, healthy snacks and remote lunch lines. Join in to discuss how to satisfy reimbursement requirements while decentralizing and expediting service. Cycle Menuing
Learn about the benefits and best practices of using a cycle menu! Participants will be able to view and discuss real examples to see how cycle menus can work for every program. This presentation will discuss cost benefits, time savings, improved forecasting, decreased food waste and creativity when using cycle menus.

White, Chocolate or Yogurt at Breakfast?
This session will deliver details from a recent research study which explored milk and yogurt selection among students participating in a Universal School Breakfast Program. You will be introduced to the types of dairy products chosen by boys and girls at breakfast in both elementary and secondary schools and learn about effective breakfast service alternatives.

A Secret to Recipe Success
Learn how a state agency's menu planning system helps school nutrition staff meet the requirements of the National School Breakfast and Lunch Programs. Take home recipe ideas and tools for child nutrition administrators and staff to assist with providing delicious, healthy school meals.


Processor Inventory Management-Truth or Consequences
Learn why properly managing your processor inventory is critical to your financial success. This session will not only teach you methods to properly manage your inventory, it will provide you with the needed resources and explain the consequences when your inventory is not properly managed.


Driving Employee Engagement
Your employees can be your biggest asset or you biggest source of stress. Participants will learn strategies to convert unengaged employees (the ones who only care about themselves and their paycheck) into engaged employees (people who come to work every day and do their very best to help the team win).

Lessons Learned from Breakfast in the Classroom - Part II
This interactive session will build upon Part I and provide you with the tools to determine if Breakfast in the Classroom will be a success in your school nutrition program. Walk away with user-friendly tools to evaluate your program and engage with decision-makers and stakeholders in your district. You do not have to attend Part I to attend Part II.

The Business of Child Nutrition
Get tools and strategies for communicating the business of school nutrition programs to district stakeholders. Participants will be introduced to what key performance indicators should be shared on a monthly, quarterly and annual basis, as well as gain an understanding of the purpose and use of a business plan in effectively managing child nutrition programs.

Community Eligibility Provision: Beyond the Basics
After one year into the national implementation of the Community Eligibility Provision (CEP), states and school districts have developed a number of strategies to successfully implement the program and overcome initial challenges. This educational opportunity will provide various perspectives on the many advantages of CEP and offers innovative solutions to maximize the benefits for school districts.


Mix it Up with Marketing and Social Media!
No one ever said marketing your program to kids, parents and the community would be a piece of cake! However, employing a tailored mix of tactics can help you achieve real success both online and off. Attend this session to find out how to mix up your marketing and PR tactics with social media, cafeteria events, National School Lunch and Breakfast Week promotions and more!

Merchandizing, Marketing and Mobile Solutions
Merchandizing and marketing show that a small investment can make a big impact and more importantly increase sales and acceptability of products. Learn how to take the serving line out of the cafeteria. Participants will understand how to bridge the gap between “heat and serve foods” and scratch cooking and how mobile serving carts can increase breakfast, lunch and a la carte sales.

ROUNDTABLE SESSION: Delight Students with Healthy Comfort Foods at School
Research has shown that kids’ favorite place to eat today is at home. This session explores what schools are doing to address the increased interest in home-style foods. Participants will learn a variety of ways to combine effective menu planning, merchandising practices and marketing to increase participation.

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