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Professional Standards for School Nutrition are Coming: Are You Ready?
In this session, presenters will review Professional Standards (Section 306 of the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010) and explain the components of the proposed rule. Additionally, the specific requirements for State Agency directors, school nutrition district directors and other school nutrition employees will be reviewed.

Make Every Food $$ Count by Minimizing Food Waste
School nutrition employees strive to make every food dollar count toward their bottom line and to become more sustainable by reducing waste. Gain insight for practical ways to control food costs in your schools while maintaining food safety through the use of techniques such as good purchasing and inventory practices, proper cooling methods and time and temperature control.

Community Eligibility Provision: Beyond the Basics
After one year into the national implementation of the Community Eligibility Provision (CEP), states and school districts have developed a number of strategies to successfully implement the program and overcome initial challenges. This educational opportunity will provide various perspectives on the many advantages of CEP and offers innovative solutions to maximize the benefits for school districts.

What You Need to Know about the Administrative Review
In this training program, attendees will be introduced to the Administrative Review Process. Discussions will focus on the Federal requirements of Administrative Reviews using the unified approach required by the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010.

Simple Solutions for Dealing with Difficult People
This insightful session, delivered by popular speaker Bart Christian, is designed to help the audience recognize non-productive habits and actions in others as well as in themselves. Discussions will cover individual purpose, personal strategies and things that are just not worth the fight. You’ll be able to turn around even the most difficult situations and people!

2015 Legislative Update
Join us for the 2015 Legislative Update which will provide you with the latest information regarding SNA’s legislative activities and plans for Child Nutrition Reauthorization 2015. SNA’s advocacy team and Public Policy and Legislation Committee Chair will share what’s new and what’s on the horizon.

Interviewing and Marketing Techniques for Job Advancement
Find out how to sell yourself! Obtain the techniques needed to successfully prepare, present with confidence and market your strengths during a job interview. Understand the importance of also marketing yourself after the interview and why it’s critical to maintain a positive attitude and strong work ethic even if you are not selected for a job promotion.

Get a Head Start on Professional Standards with SNA’s Certificate and Credentialing Programs
Did you know that over 20,000 of your peers hold the SNA Certificate in School Nutrition or the SNS Credential? See how with SNA’s professional development programs you can get a head start on professional standards and advance in your career.

Feed the Gap: Managing Unpaid Meal Charges
Food and nutrition programs are faced with conflicting messages when students have insufficient funds to purchase a meal. See how by establishing procedures and accountability practices, Boise (Idaho) School District and their partners found a solution to ‘feeding the gap’ to prevent hungry kids.

How Mississippi Recipes Became a Success
The Mississippi Recipes for Success menu planning system helps school nutrition staff meet the requirements of the National School Breakfast and Lunch Programs. Take home recipe ideas and tools for child nutrition administrators and staff to assist with providing delicious, healthy school meals.

Implementing Local School Wellness Policies-Strategies for Success
While we are aiming to make school meals the best they can be, it’s important to ensure the nutrition environment of the entire school campus supports the development of healthy habits. Hear about the new Local School Wellness Policy (LWP) requirements and the recently proposed regulation, as well as best practices gleaned from schools across the nation that have successfully implemented, monitored and evaluated wellness policies.

Green Serving Options Made Simple
As districts face pressure to provide eco-friendly solutions, this training program will address the entire cost involved to “Go Green” and the environmental impact of each of the major serving options: ware washing, Styrofoam®, compostables and biodegradables. Attendees will leave this session equipped to make informed decisions about “Going Green!”

The Business of Child Nutrition
Get tools and strategies for communicating the business of school nutrition programs to district stakeholders. Participants will be introduced to what key performance indicators should be shared on a monthly, quarterly and annual basis, as well as gain an understanding of the purpose and use of a business plan in effectively managing child nutrition programs.

Lessons Learned from Breakfast in the Classroom
Hear from the Partners for Breakfast in the Classroom (Food Research and Action Center, School Nutrition Foundation, National Education Association) and operators about strategies to expand breakfast participation with Breakfast in the Classroom. Discover best practices utilizing Universal Breakfast in high need schools and school districts. You’ll gain a better understanding of the Community Eligibility Provision (CEP), how to build stakeholder support and the sustainability of Breakfast in the Classroom. Through interactive assessments, walk away with user-friendly tools to evaluate your program.

Optimize Your Kitchen Layout and Design
Does it feel like your kitchen layout and kitchen equipment are working against you rather than for you? Learn how some innovative menus can free up your oven space and give time back to your employees. Plus, see where to put your limited funds to get the most bang for your buck when it comes to both small and large equipment.

Using the AFHK Wellness Policy Training Tool
A flexible process to revise, implement and evaluate wellness policies is often overlooked in school wellness work. The Action for Healthy Kids wellness policy training tool provides information and an interactive component to enhance understanding of district wellness policies. This roundtable session will allow participants to actively use the tool and determine needs for training in their own district.

Maximize Your Minutes with Smart Work Scheduling!
Time seems to be the thing we want more of, but can never manage to find. Smart work scheduling is the answer! De-stress your kitchen by learning how to avoid the five most common time thieves, identifying the key elements of an effective work schedule and finding time in the workday in the most unexpected places.

Driving Employee Engagement
Your employees can be your biggest asset or you biggest source of stress. Participants will learn strategies to convert unengaged employees (the ones who only care about themselves and their paycheck) into engaged employees (people who come to work every day and do their very best to help the team win).

I Think I’m Allergic to NUTS! Learning to Work Productively with the People Who Drive You Crazy
In school nutrition, one of the best parts of your job is probably that you get to work with people. However, speaker Jeff Joiner will explain that one of the worst parts of your job might be that you have to work with people! And while you may not have control over who you work with, you do have control over how skilled you are willing to become in dealing with difficult people.

Making the Most of Summer’s Bounty in the Summer Food Service Program
Discover why the Summer Food Service Program (SFSP) and Farm to School is the perfect match! In many regions, summer is the season for the nation’s bounty. Yet it’s also a time of year when many children are left hungry without the promise of a meal at school. Learn how to make the match and provide fresh, healthy and local food to needy children in your area.

Getting the Biggest Bang from Your USDA Foods Buck
This session will cover resources, strategies and ideas on how schools can maximize their USDA Foods entitlement, determine which USDA Foods would be the best value for their program and how to fully utilize their USDA Foods inventory, in house and at processors.

Community Eligibility Provision—The Challenges of Change
Join this session to share challenges and successes of implementing Community Eligibility Provision (CEP) at the state and local levels. Successes from around the country as well as tools for positive educational change will be shared.

Be the Next Dream Team!
Have you thought about partnering with a colleague from a neighboring district to team up and run a much bigger school nutrition program nearby? Join two dynamic school nutrition directors who left long-time districts to do just that. Learn the why and the how such a move can reenergize your career, as you review NFSMI’s Competencies, Knowledge & Skills tool to help you work together and become a true dream team!

Secrets to Successful Grab and Go
Implementing a Grab and Go program can increase revenue and participation while satisfying student demands. The right equipment can be your solution for multiple programs such as Breakfast to Go, healthy snacks and remote lunch lines. Join in to discuss how to satisfy reimbursement requirements while decentralizing and expediting service.

The Time-Motion Economy Warp
Preparation and service of hundreds or more meals each day is challenging! As program administrators struggle to manage labor costs and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), nutrition staff lacks time to complete the many tasks necessary to provide safely prepared meals to students. Find out how to “work smarter, not harder” to avoid the time-motion economy warp!

Richard B. Russell Leadership Series

Leadership: Is Not Acquired, It Is Earned!
Sunday, July 12, 2015, 1:00 pm-2:00 pm
Speaker: Senator Nancy F. Stiles

Regardless of what you do in life the opportunity to lead is always there. How you choose to lead and how effective you are in a leadership position depends on you!

Being a leader is not acquired, but is earned through the ability to communicate effectively, understand the issues and apply them with integrity while being sure that the decisions you make help benefit the majority.

Senator Nancy Stiles is as inspiring and real as any leadership presenter you will hear. Stiles is “one of us,” starting her career in school nutrition and using her leadership abilities to build a successful program within her community. She has excelled within the state and national School Nutrition Association and has become a well-respected leader with vision and common sense.

After 30 years in school nutrition, Stiles retired and successfully sought political office in the New Hampshire House of Representatives and State Senate gaining key leadership positions in both Houses applying those simple qualities of vision and common sense!

The Richard B. Russell Leadership Series (through the School Nutrition Foundation) was established in 2010 by Georgia SNA in memory of Senator Richard B. Russell. Senator Russell was a passionate leader in school nutrition programs from the very beginning when Congress authorized the school lunch program known as the Richard B. Russell National School Lunch Act of 1946. The Leadership Series honors three SNA past presidents from the state of Georgia: Josephine Martin, Mary Nix and Nancy Rice.

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