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Anatomy of a Standardized Recipe: Success with USDA Foods
Walk through the process of standardizing a school nutrition recipe. Lean how to better utilize and market foods already in inventory, including USDA Foods.

Be Aware, Don’t Scare: Better Food Allergy Management
Join a national food allergy education expert, an award-winning school foodservice director and an attorney who specializes in school law to learn best practices on how to manage food allergies to create a safer environment in schools.

Building the “A” Team: Engaging your School in Food Allergy Management
Discover ways to build a food safety culture within your schools, as well as the science behind food allergies, to foster clear communication with key stakeholders. Learn to work with school nurses, teachers, principals, bus drivers, coaches, and students to promote a safe environment for students.

Creative Culinary Strategies for School Nutrition Menu Planning
Culinary techniques and flavor strategies can increase the appeal of healthy foods in schools. Hear from representatives of the Culinary Institute of America’s Healthy Kids Collaborative about solutions to challenges such as increasing whole grains, maximizing flavor while minimizing sodium and increasing consumption of vegetables.

Eat This AND That: Popular Pairings Get Eaten, Not Trashed
Learn about pairings of main entrée and vegetable selections associated with the least and most plate waste. Results from a new research study will help you plan your next meal combinations.

Food Allergy Management in Large Urban School Districts
Allergy management presents unique challenges and processes in large districts. Hear from the team at Chicago Public Schools on the lessons they learned when they implemented a Food Allergy Management Policy.

Gluten-Free Food Handling: What’s Your Plan?
Develop your plan for accommodating students with celiac disease and food allergies, including gaining a solid understanding of the issue, knowing how to create menus, identifying ingredients and substitutions, implementing training and serving up safe meals.

Making Farm to School Work: Resources to Grow Your Program
Join a panel of experts on how farm to school can support nutrition goals and discover resources to bring these activities to any school.

Making the Most of Summer’s Bounty in Summer Meals
Summer meals and farm to school are the perfect match! Come learn how one state and two schools are linking these two valuable initiatives, creating economic opportunities for local producers and providing meals full of summer’s bounty to hungry kids.

Matching Menus to the Seasons
Worried that cycle menus won’t give you flexibility? Have you considered syncing your menus with the seasons? Come learn from two districts that have done just that! By using seasonal cycle menus, districts are able to take advantage of local options when they are most cost effective.

Powering Up with Plant-Strong Programs
Districts across the country are encouraging students to get healthier by participating in plant-strong programs. Learn tips and tricks for developing these programs with ready-to-use recipes, menu concepts and marketing resources.

Produce Isn’t Just for Side Dishes!
According to the 2015 DGA, an important strategy for meeting nutrition goals is to change the composition of center-of-the plate entrées. Learn how to increase consumption of fruits and vegetables by using their flavors, textures and colors to enhance entrées, while meeting the meal patterns. No stealth nutrition needed—just creativity and imagination!

Say "No Thank You" to Wasted Food
Acting within the framework of federal and state regulations, discover how Des Moines Public Schools (Iowa) is reducing food waste and improving their menus by implementing “No Thank You” boxes. Learn how by utilizing this program in school cafeterias, unwanted items are redirected to students in need.

Serving up Wellness
In partnership with NYCDOE, the largest school district in the country, Wellness in the Schools has developed an innovative combination of techniques to help schools implement federal nutrition regulations, satisfy diverse palates and dietary/allergy needs and stay within allocated budgets. This session explores approaches to successful cafeteria and nutrition education activities with renowned Chef Bill Telepan.

Take a Trip through the Tummy
Follow a school lunch through the hidden and amazing world of the human digestive tract. Discover why fiber and fluid are important, how a high-fat diet can bog down the system and what happens to protein and sugar.

Team Up for School Nutrition Success
Engage with USDA and school district program operators on how Team Up for School Nutrition Success has helped improved their school meals programs. Discussion will focus on how to select improvement areas, goal setting, action plans and technical assistance.

The Secrets to Farm to School
There are many challenges to developing and implementing a successful, and mutually beneficial farm to school program. This session will walk you through the hurdles and provide you with the tools you need to successfully implement a farm to school program.

Tips & Tricks: Effective Taste Testing
Taste testing is an interactive way to get students to try new foods and a productive way to collect feedback about potential menu items. However, there is a unique strategy for each objective. In this session, we’ll define important taste testing methods and explore effective ways to implement them.

Understanding Clean Label Trends
Do you know what’s in the food you are serving to students? Media attention has brought the “clean label” issue to the forefront. Learn why this hot issue is important for school nutrition and how operators have successfully addressed requests for clean labels. Hear from experts from different industries—meat and poultry, bread and whole-grain products and snacks—about additives to avoid and progress they are making toward a cleaner label.

What’s Shaking in Schools? Best Practices for Reducing Sodium in School Meals
Hear from USDA representatives and districts meeting the sodium targets, share your challenges and work together to find solutions. Discussion will focus on procurement and purchasing, menu planning, technical assistance and education. Take home fresh ideas that you can implement in your own school nutrition program!

What’s the Secret to Cycle Menus?
Join this interactive session to discover the secret connection between planning cycle menus, evaluating production records and running a financially sound and compliant foodservice program.

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