What’s Ruby Reading?

 Ruby Reader

Welcome back, Ruby Reader! For the fourth year, Ruby is diving into the June/July issue of School Nutrition, our annual conference double issue. Find what she's been reading in the many pages of this issue and you could win big!

Here’s how it works: Ruby can be found in 16 advertisements and 4 articles. Find all 20 and identify the places and pages on the form. Note the name of the article or advertiser, as well as the page number. Once you’ve filled out the official entry form completely, submit it to School Nutrition. Entries with 100% correct responses will submitted to a prize drawing and 20 lucky winners will be selected at random!

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You can submit your entry in one of four ways:

Ruby Reader Contact Us

I Found Ruby! Entry Form

She was a part of the following ads or articles:

1.     on page  
2.     on page  
3.     on page  
4.     on page  
5.     on page  
6.     on page  
7.     on page  
8.     on page  
9.     on page  
10.    on page  
11.    on page  
12.    on page  
13.    on page  
14.    on page  
15.    on page  
16.    on page  
17.    on page  
18.    on page  
19.    on page  
20.    on page  

Be sure to print or type contact information clearly and completely.

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