Recognize Your Favorite School Nutrition Professional


Showing how much you appreciate a school nutrition employee can be as simple as saying thank you or as extravagant as holding a reception to recognize their achievements. How can you show your favorite schoolnutrition professional you think they are the best?

The list below details some different ideas to recognize the efforts of school nutrition professionals. There's something in the list foreveryone -- principals, teachers, students, parents, supervisors andco-workers. And don't forget, many of these can be done year round!

The Simple Side

  • Announce School Nutrition Employee Week (May 2-6, 2011) on the signs in front of the schools. Make sure that the week is featured on the schools' calendars and in newsletters. Don't forget to include the celebration on your menus for the week.
  • Send a free SNEW e-card to you employees to show your appreciation. Click here to send a special  SNEW e-card.
  • Recognize your employees' achievements during morning announcements or even during a special segment on the school's TV show.
  • Make signs, banners or posters to decorate your cafeteria and to promote the work your staff does. Feature photos of the employees and a short description of why they are special.
  • Send a thoughtful greeting to make your employee feel special.
  • Reward staff with inspirational pins like the new "Child Nutrition is my Business" or “Eat to Learn, Learn to Eat” pins. Click here to see the Emporium's full line of jewelry.
  • Submit your employees' names to be featured right here on the SNEW Wall. Submit a name now


A Little More Extravagant

  • Arrange for the principal and teachers to serve the food for one day, while your staff is treated to a “sit-down” lunch with the student government members serving them.
  • Let an employee be the boss for the day. On a day that's not so busy (yes, we know they're hard to find) switch places with your staff member. Let him or her experience what it's like at the top and see how important each person on staff is when it comes to getting the job done.
  • Purchase new aprons with the “Eat to Learn, Learn to Eat” logo or a t-shirt printed with the “ABCs of Child Nutrition” for each staff member from SNA's Emporium.
  • Establish a presence in the front office. Make sure school visitors see how talented your staff is by posting information such as a framed appreciation proclamation in the front office. SNA's Emporium  available
  • Introduce your staff during the lunch period and prepare the students ahead of time to give them a standing ovation and a huge round of applause.
  • Arrange with your principal to have the teachers and their classes write notes of appreciation to your staff. Post them in the cafeteria for the customers to read.


These are just a few ideas to recognize the achievements of the school nutrition employees who make your days brighter. Do you have ideas you would like to share? Email and will add your suggestions to the list.