August 2013

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School nutrition often is an unsung profession that tends to fly under the radar until one has been “awakened” to its many rewards. Many operators come to the profession indirectly, perhaps inspired by the influence and passion of a memorable mentor. The August issue of School Nutrition, SNA’s award-winning flagship publication, explores these valuable relationships and also offers a look at mentoring programs, as well as introduces SNA members to new President Leah Schmidt, SNS.

For new SNA President Leah Schmidt, SNS, her past, present and, presumably, future reaffirm her singular commitment to feeding our nation’s school children. Meet this dynamic leader and learn about her goals for SNA in “A Profile of Passionate Purpose.” Bonus Web Content: A Spanish translation of this article also is available.

Let the enthusiasm expressed by the directors interviewed for “Guiding Lights” serve as motivation for you to give thanks for those who helped shape and nurture you—and to follow their example and do the same for the future leaders in your midst.

In “All It Took Was a Cook With a Book,” learn how one local SNA chapter demonstrated how their commitment to kids and their district’s goals go far beyond the school cafeteria.

Last year, more than 3,500 SNA members made a commitment to stepping up their efforts to prioritize their personal health and overall wellness through participation in the STEPS Challenge program from SNA and Jennie-O Turkey Store. “The Right STEPS Forward” highlights what’s to come for Year Two as a new school year begins.

Is livening up the cafeteria experience, offering more creative menu items and/or increasing student participation among your goals for the new school year? If so, you should give serious thought to making the most of various promotional occasions and activities! The out-of-the-box ideas and practical planning tips shared by school nutrition professionals in “Celebrate Good Times” may inspire some celebratory efforts for your own operation. Bonus Web Content: One school nutrition program shares the keys to success for coordinating a Dr. Seuss’ birthday celebration. Also, if you can’t get enough holiday-themed recipes, don’t miss the additional online-exclusive recipe content!