About NSLW

The National School Lunch Week (NSLW) 2013 theme is “School Lunch Across the USA.” It’s about celebrating the regional flavors, ingredients, and traditions from across the country. Whether you live in Boston or Biloxi, you’ll be sure to find fun and exciting ways to celebrate NSLW in your cafeteria.

Every part of the country is known for different food—whether it’s New England chowder, southern black-eyed peas, Florida oranges, or southwestern salsa. “School Lunch Across the USA” allows you to celebrate the popular flavors in your own region, and across the country too!

Recognizing NSLW can help you:

  • Increase student participation for your program
  • Spread the message to parents that you’re serving healthy and tasty meals
  • Earn media coverage from local papers, blogs, and TV stations
  • Connect with teachers and administrators at your school or in your district to spread the word that school meals are healthy

The campaign runs from July 2013 to October 2013, culminating in National School Lunch Week, October 14-18, 2013.

SNA members determine the success of NSLW – so what are you waiting for? Mark your calendar, download the resources, and start brainstorming your celebration ideas!