Art Contest

“School Breakfast in 3014” Art Contest

What will school breakfast look like in 3014? Will the students fly around like “The Jetsons”? Will breakfast be served by robots? Will the bus fly to school? This contest encourages kids to use their imagination and draw school breakfast in the future.

Three national winners will receive prize packs which include a time capsule, so they can leave memories of what life is like in 2014 for future generations!

Entries are due Monday, March 31 2014. Download the submission form here.

Contest Overview

Time capsule.jpg
Prize Packs for the three winners
include a time capsule!

  • The “School Breakfast in 3014” Art Contest has local and national rounds of competition. All entries by students must be made to a local competition (to be organized by and held in schools). Please note that the only way to enter this contest is through a participating school, you cannot enter the national contest directly.
  • SNA is encouraging schools across the nation to hold local “School Breakfast in 3014” art contests. School nutrition professionals or other participating school officials can enter three overall winners per participating school to the national contest.
  • Please note that students cannot enter the national contest directly, they must be nominated by a school nutrition professional or school official.
  • On the official entry form, students should draw a picture how they envision school breakfast 1,000 years from now, and provide a caption in the section below. They can draw food, the cafeteria, students, and cafeteria staff – it’s up to them!
  • Students must include one healthy food item in their drawing.
  • Students (from grades 1-12) should draw their submissions on the official contest entry form. Submissions must include a short caption.
  • To judge the national contest, a panel of judges will select three national winners, based on pre-established criteria which will be published as part of the official contest rules.
  • The winners will receive a prize packs from SNA, which will include a time capsule.
  • Entries must be original, not plagiarized and not evocative of any existing commercial characters so as not to infringe any copyrights or trademarks.
  • Entries are due Monday, March 31, 2014.

The method and criteria for judging at the national level will be based on the following criteria:

  • Creativity of the artwork design
  • Execution of the “future” theme
  • Inclusion of cafeteria elements like healthy food

Contest Forms

Student Entry Form (pdf)
Official Entry Form
Official Rules (pdf)

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