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SATURDAY, MARCH 3, 1:00 PM–4:00 PM

Procurement 101
Speaker: Anita Pereira-Sekhon, Program Analyst, Program & Analysis Monitoring Branch, USDA/FNS and Lynn Rodgers-Kuperman, Chief, Program Analysis & Monitoring Branch, Child Nutrition Division, USDA/FNS

This session will provide a comprehensive overview of Federal requirements, policies and regulations relating to procurement in the school meals programs. Discussion will focus on forecasting; contracting with foodservice management companies, distributors, manufacturers, etc.; crediting of USDA Foods; cost allowability; general financial management; and indirect cost requirements. Emphasis will be placed on appropriate procurement methods, developing solicitations, bid/proposal selection, contract awards and will include information on both direct and indirect costs, the Federal cost principles and considerations for the SFA when assessing indirect costs charged to the nonprofit school foodservice account. Lastly, the training will highlight the key points covered in Topics 1 and 2 of USDA’s web-based procurement training.
Cost: $100; CEUs: 3; Key Area 1