Legislative Action Conference 2009


Pre-Conference Sessions

Cents and Sensibility

8:00 am – 12:00 pm, Saturday, February 28
Speakers:  Barb Jirka, Pat McCoy ,Gary Vonck,
Joanne Robinett and Sylvia Dunn
School districts across the country continue to produce balanced, nutritious meals while food and labor costs skyrocket.   This Preconference session will review the impact of the current economic crisis on the school nutrition industry. Come and learn how to develop comprehensive financial management strategies to maintain fiscal integrity during these tough economic times.   The session will also explore effective tactics to control food and labor costs, as you work to expand your target markets and forecast for the future. 
CEUs: 4; Key area 3

How to Successfully Lobby State Legislatures

1:00 pm – 4:00 pm, Saturday, February 28
Speaker:  Robert Guyer
For all practical purposes, state legislatures can do anything they want, either to you or for you.  To gain favorable legislative action you must be able to answer the fundamental lobbying questions:  “Why would that lawmaker give me his or her vote?”  In this seminar, you will gain tips to answer that question, including how to motivate lawmakers, craft a winning legislative plan, build your lobbying organization, work with special interests and turn your ideas into law.
CEUs: 3; Key area 3